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Join Cognoscenti Tours in Boulder

You're invited to Boulder, Colorado, for a week of unbeatable riding, first-class cuisine, and unbeatable accommodation with Cognoscenti Tours.

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Coach Conversations: Kirk Nordgren - Encouragement

Power meters provide instantaneous feedback during your workout. Whether you're struggling up your local climb or sweating on the trainer this winter, there is no more guessing or cheating when you train with power.

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G3 Rear Disc Hub: One Hub for All Terrains

Road, cross and even hybrid bikes are now decked out with the stopping power once only reserved for mountain bikes. There’s no denying the fact that disc brakes are the future – and the future is now.

Read More 05.18.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim and Metrics

Part of our power training series, Dr. Allen Lim discusses the terms and metrics of power output.

Read More 05.12.15

Come Ride with Us at the Amgen Tour of California

And take our P1 Pedal power meters for a test ride.

Read More 05.07.15

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on Recovery

In this video we discuss the value and importance of recovery for the endurance athlete.

Read More 04.24.15

Bonelli Park #1 and Fontana Pro XCT

Grassroots athlete Ben Senkerik reports on his recent trip to California for the first 3 races of the Pro SCT series.

Read More 04.21.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim on Power Training Basics

Coach and power training expert, Allen Lim, discusses the basics of using a cycling power meter to train.

Read More 04.16.15

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