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Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on PowerTap & Recovery

In this video coach Matt Dixon discusses how a power meter can, and should be, integrated into your training life.

Read More 07.29.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim on What's Next

In the ever-changing world of cycling, Allen Lim weighs in on what's next.

Read More 07.24.15

Meredith Kessler, Ironman New Zealand Champion: A Review

In March pro-triathlete Meredith Kessler claimed her fourth straight Ironman New Zealand victory. We caught up with her coach, Matt Dixon of PurplePatch Fitness, for a brief review of her bike effort.

Read More 07.20.15

Train with Power for an Ironman Finish

Training with power will help you train smarter on the bike by carefully monitoring your body's performance and stress over time. Read on to find out how to apply that training on your Ironman race day.

Read More 07.14.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Metrics

The Performance Management Chart tracks your Training Stress Score TSS over time so that you can track your fitness, freshness and fatigue.

Read More 07.09.15

10 Reasons to Love the PowerTap G3 Hub

Simple, versatile and accurate. What’s not to like?

Read More 07.07.15

Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter? Precisely.

After all these years, the PowerCal remains as one of our most popular products, and for a good reason – athletes of all kinds trust it ride after ride.

Read More 07.06.15

Power Meters and Pacing: Using your PowerTap to Achieve Your Best Time Trial

When used properly cycling power meters are great for not only optimizing your training, but for helping pace during target events.

Read More 07.01.15

Taking On the JoBerg2C

An endurance athlete’s take on 550 miles of South African terrain.

Read More 06.24.15

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