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Coach Conversations: Allen Lim on Power Training Basics

Coach and power training expert, Allen Lim, discusses the basics of using a cycling power meter to train.

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PowerTap Solidifies Leadership with Multiple Power Measurement Platforms

PowerTap reasserts its position as market leader with the addition of two new power meters to their portfolio with the P1 pedal and C1 chainring. Through years of observations, testing, development and hard work, PowerTap is committed to providing power measurement products with the accuracy that cyclists deserve. With the introduction of these new products, PowerTap will lead the industry by becoming the first and only cycling power meter company with a complete portfolio of power meter products for multiple locations on the bike.

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Power 201

Advance your power training knowledge with this in-depth overview.

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Power 101

Whether you're new to power training or just looking for a refresher, we've got you covered with this introduction to power.

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17 Years of Innovation and Still Evolving

No doubt about it, the power meter market has changed immensely since we came on the scene in 1998. In those days we were one of two companies offering cyclists a way to measure power. Through the years one constant remains – power is the most accurate and reliable way to measure cycling intensity.

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Raleigh Bets on Power in 2015

This year the bike manufacturer released three new bikes that come fully stocked with a PowerTap G3 hub and a Joule GPS out of the box: the Capri Carbon 3, Revenio Carbon 4 and the Militis 3.

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Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Basics

Understanding your training levels is super important. The power meter assures you are training in the right zone. These zones are based on your current threshold power and make training more focused and efficient.

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Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon and Nutrition

One of the great frontiers of endurance performance is the science of exercise nutrition. Coach Matt Dixon has the scoop.

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