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Conquering Kona: 3 Questions with Meredith Kessler

In the weeks leading up to the Ironman National Championships we had a chance to ask Meredith Kessler about how she prepares to take the world's stage in Kona. 1. What does it feel like to be the favorite US female pro heading into Kona? There are many US favorites; There are a talented bunch of females and on any given day, one have us has the ability to pull out a very successful race. My job is to prepare as well as I can, aim to execute to the best of my ability on race day, and then see..  - Read More

Pro Tip: Dealing With The Heat by Chris McDonald

As most of us are likely training year round and do not have the ability to escape the summer heat, we all recognize that it is harder to train when it is HOT!  The perceived effort is greater, and race and training times typically suffer accordingly. Why does this happen? What happens to the body at a physiological level?  Most importantly, how should we adjust workouts and race expectations to best weather the weather? There are many studies out there that generally recognized that for every 10-degree increase in air temperature above 55 degrees, there's a 1.5 percent to 3..  - Read More

A case for mountain bike power meters

Guest post from PowerTap assistant engineer and PRO Mountain Biker, Joe Maloney. Like most people who ride bikes, I didn't start with a power meter. Heck I didn't even start out with racing. I grew up riding with my dad and fell in love with pushing myself to the next level. 10 miles, then 20 miles, 30, 40, and so on. This was well before power became the standard for road training. As time passed, biking changed from hobby to obsession and I have been training seriously for a few years now. When racing and training on the road, power..  - Read More

Mechanically Challenged to PowerTap Pro with Pro Triathlete Meredith Kessler

There's no doubt that power data can be incredibly helpful in the life of an athlete. It can also be quite intimidating, pro athlete or not. We recently had the chance to ask pro triathlete, Meredith Kessler, who describes herself as "mechanically challenged", about how she became a literal PowerTap pro. Here's what she had to say: Meredith Kessler, pro triathlete. It is not a secret that my strengths do not lie in being mechanically savvy. Put me in a pool and I will try and swim. Hand me a bike and I will ride it the best that I..  - Read More

Pacing with Power in Competition

Guest Post by Nick Traggis, Director of the Horizon Organic / Einstein Bros Cycling Team The widespread availability of reliable power measuring and feedback devices has provided a great toolset for more focused training in endurance sports like cycling and triathlon.  However these tools can also be utilized to give advantages during competition.  Anyone who has ever raced knows that the rush of excitement from competition can greatly mask your perceived exertion.  However, by using real-time power feedback an athlete can properly pace his or her efforts regardless of what is going on in the ‘heat of battle’.   The Basics:..  - Read More

Positioned for Speed Course

It's been a few months since PowerTap announced its partnership with Retül and Alphamantis in support of the Positioned for Speed Course that sees Retül fit philosophy paired with the Alphamantis track aero system and PowerTap power meters to optimize a riders position for...well, speed of course. I made a trip out to ERO Sports (pronounced Aero) at the VELO Sports Center in LA for the second edition of the course June 3-4. I attended the first course in December of last year as well to help support the use of our equipment and see everything first hand. After leaving..  - Read More

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