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The Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor Joins the PowerTap Family

Learn more about the new speed or cadence sensor from PowerTap.

Read More 08.01.17

7 Reasons Why Power and Heart Rate Data Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Coach Gordy Paulson weighs in on the watts vs. heart rate debate.

Read More 07.26.17

Accuracy of Cycling Power Meters Against a Mathematical Model of Treadmill Cycling

A look at the study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Read More 07.18.17

The Mid-Summer Slump

Coach Hunter Allen weighs on two common causes and solutions for the dreaded mid-season slump.

Read More 07.07.17

Dealing with Heat Stress

Dr. Stephen Cheung shares Chapter 11 from "The Ultimate Nexus of Knowledge and Performance."

Read More 06.28.17

Pro-Worthy Workout: 8 x 10 with Laura Siddall

This workout helps to develop different tools required to manage the terrain and physical resources on race day.

Read More 06.26.17

Morning Warnings

Coach Joe Friel discusses some early signs of overtraining.

Read More 06.13.17

Pacing with Power: the Real-World Application of Using a Cycling Power Meter in Triathlon

Coach Matt Dixon discusses how to balance race power with terrain demands.

Read More 05.16.17

Cycling Power Meters: Single vs Dual-Sided vs Bi-Lateral

Coach Hunter Allen weighs in on the differences between single-leg, dual-leg and bi-lateral power meters.

Read More 04.14.17

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