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Morning Warnings

Coach Joe Friel discusses some early signs of overtraining.

Read More 06.13.17

Pacing with Power: the Real-World Application of Using a Cycling Power Meter in Triathlon

Coach Matt Dixon discusses how to balance race power with terrain demands.

Read More 05.16.17

Cycling Power Meters: Single vs Dual-Sided vs Bi-Lateral

Coach Hunter Allen weighs in on the differences between single-leg, dual-leg and bi-lateral power meters.

Read More 04.14.17

Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep and Athletic Performance

Quality sleep can help bring your cycling and triathlon performance to the next level.

Read More 03.17.17

Benefits of Repeated Performance Testing

The why, when and how of performance testing as laid out by CTS Coach, Jim Rutberg.

Read More 01.19.17

Athlete Report: 6 Lessons Learned at Ironman Arizona 2016

Meredith Kessler reflects on her third consecutive win at Ironman Arizona.

Read More 12.07.16

Validity and Reproducibility of the PowerTap P1 Power Meter When Compared with SRM Device

French Cycling Federation teams up with scientists to test P1 versus SRM.

Read More 12.01.16

How to Choose the Right Power Meter for You

Things to consider before making your purchase.

Read More 11.22.16

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