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2 Common Cycling Nutrition Myths Debunked

Dietitian and performance coach, Bob Seebohar, digs deeper into two common conceptions of cycling nutrition.

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Help...I’m Stuck. My FTP Won’t Go Up!

Coach Gordy Paulson lays out some tips to try when your FTP seems stuck in a rut.

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Day-to-Day Fueling for Training and Energy Management

Perform well in endurance sports and life with nutrition and daily energy management advice from Coach Matt Dixon.

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Weight Training for Cyclocross

Get ready for the demands of ‘cross with these strength training exercises.

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PowerTap at Ironman Wisconsin

Not ones to miss out on an epic race in our own backyard, we’ll be supporting athletes before this year's Ironman Wisconsin. Here's how to find us.

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Building the Second Half of the Endurance Season

Elite coach, Matt Dixon, weighs in on how to thrive – and not fatigue – in the back half of the race calendar.

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Power-to-Weight Ratio: What’s Watts per Kilogram All About?

Learn all about this key power training metric from powerhouse coach and expert, Hunter Allen.

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Data Debate: Why You Need These Numbers Displayed on Your Head Unit

Cycling coach and engineer, Casey Lamers, weighs in on which data to display on your cycling computer.

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How to Get Started with a New Power Meter

You bought a power meter, and you're ready to start riding - but now what? Coach Jim Lubinski weighs in.

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Training with Power Principles: Are there "NO-GO" Zones?

Expert power training coach, Hunter Allen, weighs in on “no-go” power zones.

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Four Pillars for Time-Starved Athletes: Recovery

Coach Matt Dixon focuses on the importance of recovery in this final series installment for athletes seeking a sport/life balance.

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From Triathlon to Cycling: A Pro’s Journey from One Sport to the Other

Pro-triathlete turned pro-cyclist, Jen Luebke, on what it’s like to switch sports and offers up tips that helped her make the change.

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Four Pillars for Time-Starved Athletes: Strength Training

In part three of this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt Dixon discusses the role of strength within a larger endurance training lens.

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Tricks to Help You Hit Race Weight

Dietitian and performance coach, Bob Seebohar, examines some new nutritional concepts for training and racing.

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Four Pillars for Time-Starved Athletes: Critical Elements of Fueling, Nutrition and Hydration

In part two of this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt Dixon addresses key elements in fueling for sports performance and daily energy in work and life.

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The Power Pedal Maintenance Checklist

How to keep your set of PowerTap pedals in tip-top shape.

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Is a Power Meter Right For Me?

Insights from Master Coach, Tim Cusick, on how to decide if you should train with a power meter.

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Four Pillars for Time-Starved Athletes: Concepts for Endurance Training Planning

In this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt Dixon weighs in how to map your training.

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Practical Strength Training for Cyclists

Forget reps and sets - train key cycling muscles by performing these movements for time.

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Base Training Diary: One Cycling Training Camp by the Numbers

Coach Tim Cusick dives into the data of our Product Manager at a recent base training camp.

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Reflecting on the Journey

An excerpt from Fast-Track Triathlete, a new book by endurance coach Matt Dixon.

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Winter Training: The Season of "Trainer-tainment"

Why racing all winter long may not be as beneficial as you think.

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Why Calibrate Your Bike’s Power Meter?

And other burning FAQs regarding calibrating a power meter.

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Kona Podium Report: Lionel Sanders

Before and after interviews with the #2 in the world.

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8 Reasons You Need the P1 Pedals

Why the trailblazing P1 pedals are the top-selling power pedal to date.

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Live Advanced Pedal Metrics Available in Rouvy

There’s a new way to analyze your pedal data.

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The Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor Joins the PowerTap Family

Learn more about the new speed or cadence sensor from PowerTap.

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7 Reasons Why Power and Heart Rate Data Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Coach Gordy Paulson weighs in on the watts vs. heart rate debate.

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Accuracy of Cycling Power Meters Against a Mathematical Model of Treadmill Cycling

A look at the study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

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The Mid-Summer Slump

Coach Hunter Allen weighs on two common causes and solutions for the dreaded mid-season slump.

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Dealing with Heat Stress

Dr. Stephen Cheung shares Chapter 11 from "The Ultimate Nexus of Knowledge and Performance."

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Pro-Worthy Workout: 8 x 10 with Laura Siddall

This workout helps to develop different tools required to manage the terrain and physical resources on race day.

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Morning Warnings

Coach Joe Friel discusses some early signs of overtraining.

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Pacing with Power: the Real-World Application of Using a Cycling Power Meter in Triathlon

Coach Matt Dixon discusses how to balance race power with terrain demands.

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Cycling Power Meters: Single vs Dual-Sided vs Bi-Lateral

Coach Hunter Allen weighs in on the differences between single-leg, dual-leg and bi-lateral power meters.

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Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep and Athletic Performance

Quality sleep can help bring your cycling and triathlon performance to the next level.

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Benefits of Repeated Performance Testing

The why, when and how of performance testing as laid out by CTS Coach, Jim Rutberg.

Read More 01.19.17

Athlete Report: 6 Lessons Learned at Ironman Arizona

Meredith Kessler reflects on her third consecutive win at Ironman Arizona.

Read More 12.07.16

Validity and Reproducibility of the PowerTap P1 Power Meter When Compared with SRM Device

French Cycling Federation teams up with scientists to test P1 versus SRM.

Read More 12.01.16

How to Choose the Right Power Meter for You

Things to consider before making your purchase.

Read More 11.22.16

4-1-1 on PowerTap Hub Service

Learn more about our in-house service center.

Read More 10.26.16

Italian Rice Balls, Feed Zone Table Style

Including a recipe for homemade red pepper oil.

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A Visit to Biju's Little Curry Shop

What's it like to pay a visit to the "Chipotle of Indian Food."

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PowerTap Advanced Pedal Metrics Explained

A closer look at these recently unveiled pedaling insights.

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Create the Perfect Power Plan: Live Online Performance Training

We're teaming up with Kona experts to bring you not one, but two online events on training for Kona.

Read More 09.12.16

Training with Power While Pregnant

Swedish pro triathlete, Camilla Lindholm, shares her experience.

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PowerTap Releases Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 Users

Within Redesigned PowerTap iOS Mobile App

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Eggplant & Onion Fried Wild Rice from Feed Zone Table

The sky’s the limit with this incredibly customizable meal.

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PowerTap Partners with French Cycling Federation

Power Meters to be Used in Upcoming and Future Competitions

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Biju's Belgian Waffles

Take your waffles to go with this recipe from Feed Zone Portables.

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"By the Power of GreySkull... I Have the Power!"

Professional triathlete, Laura Siddall, shares her experiences as a newcomer to power training and racing.

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Performance Training Webinars with Matt Dixon

We're teaming up with purplepatch Fitness coach Matt Dixon to bring you bring you not one, but two webinars on performance training.

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Over the Air Updates via VirtualTraining

How to update firmware on all Bluetooth devices.

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Chicken Pad Thai

A favorite for lunch at the Skratch Labs HQ, this recipe from Feed Zone Table is sure to please.

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The Scoop on Getting Ready for Gravel Races

Including this weekend’s Dirty Kanza 200.

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Sweet Rice Porridge

Turn that leftover rice into a tasty pre-ride breakfast.

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Almond Cornbread with Grilled Stone Fruit

Breakfast, side dish or dessert – whatever you're craving this dish from Feed Zone Table has you covered.

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Get to Know Pro-Triathlete Lionel Sanders

And take a look at his Ironman 70.3 Oceanside podium-worthy performance.

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Chocolate + Sea Salt Sticky Bites

Substitute your gelled nutrition with these bites from Skratch Labs.

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Train Low, Compete High. What’s the Correct Nutrition Plan for a Cyclist?

Dietitian Bob Seebohar takes a closer look at a study examining carbs and time-trials.

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PowerTap Announces New Updates to Offset Values

The move will simplify interpretation of offset values across platforms.

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PowerTap Visits Velopolis – French Cycling

And they've got their eyes set on Gold in Rio later this summer.

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The Importance of Weight Training & Cross Training in the Off-Season

Tips to help emerge from the off-season as a stronger cyclist.

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When In Paris, Visit DC Rainmaker

Get a quick tour of Ray's cave.

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Mac 'N' Cheese Bolognese

Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim are back in the kitchen with a new cookbook, Feed Zone Table.

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PowerTap Drops Hub Prices and Increases Connectivity

New Pricing and Features Added for New Year

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Finding the Balance, An Introduction to Left/Right Power Data

In the first of what is sure to be many posts about how to harness left/right power data, power coach and expert, Hunter Allen, gives his two cents.

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The Joule GPS+: A Tool for Coaches and Athletes Alike, Part 4

With the recent release of the P1 pedals, there are new metrics that coaches and athletes alike are adding to their benchmarks.

Read More 12.10.15

PowerTap Conversations: Ed Watson, Engineer

We sat down with chief electrical engineer, Ed Watson, to learn more about his important role here at PowerTap.

Read More 11.23.15

The Joule GPS+: A Tool for Coaches and Athletes Alike, Part 3

Did you know that you can set up an auto interval in your Joule GPS+? Learn why that matters and more in part three.

Read More 11.18.15

The Joule GPS+: A Tool for Coaches and Athletes Alike, Part 2

From surge counts to peak power to display averaging, part two covers them all.

Read More 11.05.15

Focusing on the Future of Youth Cycling

Juniors cycling coach, Michael Lovegren, weighs in on how power training can help create the next wave of pro riders.

Read More 10.29.15

Top 5 Cyclocross Training Mistakes

Carmichael Training Systems coach, Jim Lehman, gives some tips on how to dominate your cyclocross season.

Read More 10.21.15

The Joule GPS+: A Tool for Coaches and Athletes Alike, Part 1

Cyclists today have access to powerful training data right on their handlebars. In this series we’ll cover what metrics may be of interest to power training coaches and their athletes.

Read More 10.12.15

All Torque and No Action

Coach Adnan focuses on the key to cycling efficiency: cadence.

Read More 10.06.15

Comin' At You, Kona

It’s the crème de la crème of Ironman – and we’re going to be there. Get the details..

Read More 09.24.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Cycling Power Meters

Author of THE book on power training, coach Hunter Allen touches on why a cyclist should have a power meter

Read More 08.14.15

PowerTap and Power in Training & Elite Competition

Swedish professional triathlete, Camilla Lindholm, on how training with a power meter has helped improve her performance.

Read More 08.12.15

A Day, Week and Month in the Life of Sarah Piampiano

Get a glimpse into the life, training and recovery of a pro-athlete.

Read More 08.05.15

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on PowerTap & Recovery

In this video coach Matt Dixon discusses how a power meter can, and should be, integrated into your training life.

Read More 07.29.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim on What's Next

In the ever-changing world of cycling, Allen Lim weighs in on what's next.

Read More 07.24.15

Meredith Kessler, Ironman New Zealand Champion: A Review

In March pro-triathlete Meredith Kessler claimed her fourth straight Ironman New Zealand victory. We caught up with her coach, Matt Dixon of PurplePatch Fitness, for a brief review of her bike effort.

Read More 07.20.15

Train with Power for an Ironman Finish

Training with power will help you train smarter on the bike by carefully monitoring your body's performance and stress over time. Read on to find out how to apply that training on your Ironman race day.

Read More 07.14.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Metrics

The Performance Management Chart tracks your Training Stress Score TSS over time so that you can track your fitness, freshness and fatigue.

Read More 07.09.15

10 Reasons to Love the PowerTap G3 Hub

Simple, versatile and accurate. What’s not to like?

Read More 07.07.15

Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter? Precisely.

After all these years, the PowerCal remains as one of our most popular products, and for a good reason – athletes of all kinds trust it ride after ride.

Read More 07.06.15

Power Meters and Pacing: Using your PowerTap to Achieve Your Best Time Trial

When used properly cycling power meters are great for not only optimizing your training, but for helping pace during target events.

Read More 07.01.15

Taking On the JoBerg2C

An endurance athlete’s take on 550 miles of South African terrain.

Read More 06.24.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - TT Pacing

Hint: Time trialing is all about pacing.

Read More 06.18.15

PowerTap Unveils P1 Pedal Power Meter

With much excitement PowerTap, the Madison-based cycling power meter manufacturer, has announced their P1 pedal power meter roll out complete with dates.

Read More 06.10.15

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon - The 4 Pillars

Do you obsess about training hours, and working hard, but tend to neglect components such as recovery? Is it challenging to truly go easy on the lighter training sessions prescribed? Do you aim to integrate functional strength, but find it increasingly falling by the wayside as the season progresses? You are not alone.

Read More 06.09.15

Almanzo 100: Lessons from Two Years of Gravel Racing

This year Brad vowed to actually rely on the sophisticated electronics and his analytical brain for a strong finish.

Read More 06.08.15

Youth Cycling Changes Lives: Daniel's Story

Daniel had no idea just how profoundly bicycles would change his life. How could he? He was only 11 years old.

Read More 06.01.15

Joule GPS+ : Better in Every Way

The new Joule GPS+ cycling computer is better in every way, from the main control board to GPS functionality to the radio chipsets. What does this mean for you?

Read More 05.28.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Aerodynamics

You can buy speed and power. Position, Skin suit, helmet, aerobars are super important - but so are aero wheels.

Read More 05.27.15

Race vs. Training Wheels: The Argument is Over

"You can ride these race wheels everyday. So I do." – Dan Empfield of

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Join Cognoscenti Tours in Boulder

You're invited to Boulder, Colorado, for a week of unbeatable riding, first-class cuisine, and unbeatable accommodation with Cognoscenti Tours.

Read More 05.22.15

Coach Conversations: Kirk Nordgren - Encouragement

Power meters provide instantaneous feedback during your workout. Whether you're struggling up your local climb or sweating on the trainer this winter, there is no more guessing or cheating when you train with power.

Read More 05.19.15

G3 Rear Disc Hub: One Hub for All Terrains

Road, cross and even hybrid bikes are now decked out with the stopping power once only reserved for mountain bikes. There’s no denying the fact that disc brakes are the future – and the future is now.

Read More 05.18.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim and Metrics

Part of our power training series, Dr. Allen Lim discusses the terms and metrics of power output.

Read More 05.12.15

Come Ride with Us at the Amgen Tour of California

And take our P1 Pedal power meters for a test ride.

Read More 05.07.15

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on Recovery

In this video we discuss the value and importance of recovery for the endurance athlete.

Read More 04.24.15

Bonelli Park #1 and Fontana Pro XCT

Grassroots athlete Ben Senkerik reports on his recent trip to California for the first 3 races of the Pro SCT series.

Read More 04.21.15

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim on Power Training Basics

Coach and power training expert, Allen Lim, discusses the basics of using a cycling power meter to train.

Read More 04.16.15

PowerTap Solidifies Leadership with Multiple Power Measurement Platforms

PowerTap reasserts its position as market leader with the addition of two new power meters to their portfolio with the P1 pedal and C1 chainring. Through years of observations, testing, development and hard work, PowerTap is committed to providing power measurement products with the accuracy that cyclists deserve. With the introduction of these new products, PowerTap will lead the industry by becoming the first and only cycling power meter company with a complete portfolio of power meter products for multiple locations on the bike.

Read More 03.17.15

Power 201

Advance your power training knowledge with this in-depth overview.

Read More 03.12.15

Power 101

Whether you're new to power training or just looking for a refresher, we've got you covered with this introduction to power.

Read More 03.12.15

17 Years of Innovation and Still Evolving

No doubt about it, the power meter market has changed immensely since we came on the scene in 1998. In those days we were one of two companies offering cyclists a way to measure power. Through the years one constant remains – power is the most accurate and reliable way to measure cycling intensity.

Read More 03.06.15

Raleigh Bets on Power in 2015

This year the bike manufacturer released three new bikes that come fully stocked with a PowerTap G3 hub and a Joule GPS out of the box: the Capri Carbon 3, Revenio Carbon 4 and the Militis 3.

Read More 03.02.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Basics

Understanding your training levels is super important. The power meter assures you are training in the right zone. These zones are based on your current threshold power and make training more focused and efficient.

Read More 03.02.15

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon and Nutrition

One of the great frontiers of endurance performance is the science of exercise nutrition. Coach Matt Dixon has the scoop.

Read More 02.19.15

Why I Train With Power

PowerTap Grassroot Athlete, Jim Rosen, recently wrote a blog about why he trains with power - starting with the basics.

Read More 02.17.15

Five Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2015

Expert Bob Seebohar lays out five tips will help you achieve great success in 2015.

Read More 02.13.15

High-Intensity Interval Training and the Aging Athlete

For athletes who have been in their sports for a long time, as in several decades, performance declines as they move north of 50 years of age. The research tells us that there are two reasons for this.

Read More 01.28.15

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen and Coaching

Peaks Coaching Group owner and coach, Hunter Allen, on the three things coaches can do for athletes.

Read More 01.22.15

The Importance of Good, Basic Habits

PurplePatch Fitness coach, Matt Dixon, discusses how critical good habits are to athlete success.

Read More 01.15.15

Post-Season Training with Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano

Post-season is a time we all look forward to as our competition seasons come to a close. It allows more time with friends and family, more opportunities to indulge and stay up late - more time to be less structured.

Read More 12.23.14

Coach Conversations: Kirk Nordgren with Do's and Don'ts of Training with Power

Coach Kirk Nordgren of Carmichael Training Systems discusses the do's and don'ts of power training

Read More 12.22.14

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim and Why PowerTap?

Unlike 15 years ago when power meters were just beginning to appear on the market, consumers now have a litany of options and feature sets to chose from. Those options include the location on the bicycle, the cost, weight, and sensor design.

Read More 12.18.14

Going Pro: A grassroot athlete's season recap of rising in the ranks

By Ben Senkerik, MTBer The 2014 season is finally over. Well, I shouldn't say finally because that makes it sound like I'm ecstatic that it is over.

Read More 12.11.14

What Does This Mean? Low Battery Readings on the Joule GPS

Ever wonder how to tell if your computer or PowerTap hub is running low on batteries? Look no further than your Joule or Joule GPS - it'll notify you when something on your bike is low on batteries.

Read More 12.02.14

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on Powermeters and a New Outlook

Sometimes truly negative stages of life can end up pushing you to see things through a different lens, and this was certainly true of my own experiences as an athlete, and subsequent development into a coach.

Read More 11.25.14

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Advantages of a PowerTap

As a cycling coach, the ease at which PowerTap goes on your bike is a huge advantage! Athletes stop by our PCG headquarter all the time and want to test power, and with PowerTap, we just stick it on their bike and go!

Read More 11.19.14

Nutrition Periodization for the Holidays

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the the fridge! The holidays are here and with that comes another article about nutrition for the holidays.

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2x the victory: Dutch National Championship MTB Marathon

This season has been long, but also very successful.  It started off in South Africa with the Cape Epic. There my teammate and I ended up 4th in the General Category and took a third place in two of the race's hardest stages. Following that I traveled all over Europe to compete at many cross country races before winning the German stage race, Trans Schwarzwald in August.

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PowerTap, Latin Bikes and Peaks Coaching Group team up for a Power Training Camp in Panama

Hunter Allen recently held a power training camp in Panama City, Panama with Latin Bikes, the leading bike shops in Panama. There were 10 riders from Panama, each using a PowerTap power meter and some great riding!

Read More 11.03.14

Supplement Review: Beta-Alanine

Looking to improve your functional threshold power? How about edging out your competition at the finish line sprint or attacking on the run up of a cyclocross race? All of these require specific training in certain power zones but this type of training is hard. Enter nutrition science and the supplement beta-alanine.

Read More 10.21.14

Conquering Kona: 3 Questions with Meredith Kessler

In the weeks leading up to the Ironman National Championships we had a chance to ask Meredith Kessler about how she prepares to take the world's stage in Kona.

Read More 10.07.14

Horizon Organic / Einstein Bros Cycling Season Summary

We started this year full of hope and potential: we had better sponsorship, a deeper roster, and were ready to prove we belonged at the sharp end at the national level races. Personally, I was also nervous about running the program at a higher level.

Read More 10.03.14

Interview with Ironman Canada Winner Trevor Wurtele

Everyone is probably familiar with the story by now: how Trevor & Heather Wurtele left the creature comforts of home behind, live in a dedicated and focused life in a RV, travelling the globe in search of excellence in Triathlon. It's not only a great story, but both Trevor and Heather are excellent athletes, excellent people, and the results have been impressive.

Read More 09.30.14

Finding Your Balance by Cyclist Megan Hottman

I'm a lawyer. My profession — generally speaking — prides itself on the 80-hour workweek or the mega-billable hour year. In short, attorneys love to wear their work hours on their sleeves like a badge. I've been in the profession 10 years now and I have always been the one swimming against the current

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Recipe: Nutty Butter Bars

Looking for a homemade recovery bar that tastes fantastic? Try this delicious recipe by Sport Dietitian Bob Seebohar.

Read More 09.16.14

Q&A with Jill-of-All-Tris, Melanie McQuaid

We had the chance to ask pro-triathlete (and proud Canadian) Melanie McQuaid a few questions as she prepares to take on the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in her home country this Sunday.

Read More 09.02.14

Pro Tip: Dealing With The Heat by Chris McDonald

As most of us are likely training year round and do not have the ability to escape the summer heat, we all recognize that it is harder to train when it is HOT! The perceived effort is greater, and race and training times typically suffer accordingly. Why does this happen?

Read More 08.27.14

A case for mountain bike power meters

Like most people who ride bikes, I didn't start with a power meter. Heck I didn't even start out with racing. I grew up riding with my dad and fell in love with pushing myself to the next level.

Read More 08.19.14

Mechanically Challenged to PowerTap Pro with Pro Triathlete Meredith Kessler

There's no doubt that power data can be incredibly helpful in the life of an athlete. It can also be quite intimidating, pro athlete or not. We recently had the chance to ask pro triathlete, Meredith Kessler, who describes herself as "mechanically challenged", about how she became a literal PowerTap pro. Here's what she had to say:

Read More 08.05.14

How to use power as a race recovery tool

Most people purchase a PowerTap to help them reach new levels in their training. It is an amazing tool for that. Just like pacing on the track, or stroke rate in the pool, it can be a wonderful way to monitor progress and push you to reach higher thresholds. Similarly, power can also help you maximize what your body can offer during those sessions of high intensity when used as a tool to facilitate proper recovery during periods of active rest — a very critical component of training with power.

Read More 07.30.14

PowerTap Box Report: July 26 – July 27

Six of our athletes raced this weekend. Four battled in two races in Canada, 70.3 Calgary and Ironman Canada, while the other two showed up in support of local races—and won.

Read More 07.28.14

Fueling the Engine with Pro Triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury

Ever wondered what a professional triathlete eats in the days leading up to a race? How do they ensure their bodies are ready to perform optimally? PowerTap sponsored athlete, Emma-Kate Lidbury, gives us an insight into what she typically eats — and why — in the days leading into a race.

Read More 07.23.14

Pacing with Power in Competition

The widespread availability of reliable power measuring and feedback devices has provided a great toolset for more focused training in endurance sports like cycling and triathlon. However these tools can also be utilized to give advantages during competition.

Read More 07.14.14

Positioned for Speed Course

It's been a few months since PowerTap announced its partnership with Retül and Alphamantis in support of the Positioned for Speed Course that sees Retül fit philosophy paired with the Alphamantis track aero system and PowerTap power meters to optimize a riders position for...well, speed of course. I made a trip out to ERO Sports (pronounced Aero) at the VELO Sports Center in LA for the second edition of the course June 3-4.

Read More 07.09.14

PowerTap Weekend Box Report: June 28 - June 29

Six of our athletes raced this weekend and all six finished in the top three! Not only that, but we saw four 1st place finishes as well.

Read More 06.30.14

Power Data from the US Pro Road National Championships

After McCabe claimed 2nd at the 2014 US Professional Road National Championships, Justin sent in a race recap complete with Travis' power files.

Read More 06.24.14

An Athlete's Nutrition in 10 Tips with Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano

Most of us who lead active lives also lead healthy lives. That includes striving to get enough sleep, have balance, be physically fit and eat well. At times, some or all of these can be a challenge and we have to adapt and be willing to try new approaches to stay successful.

Read More 06.18.14

Wildflower, fatherhood, and more: An interview with Jesse Thomas

We recently had an opportunity to catch up with pro triathlete, and four-time Wildflower winner, Jesse Thomas. He called us from the airport en route to Ironman 70.3 Eagleman to give us this report:

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AMP up Your Ride

We're excited to announce the unveiling of our latest carbon wheelsets: the AMP collection.

Read More 06.12.14

Ditch Your Training Wheels

Wheel technology has come a long way in the last decade. In a May Slowtwich article, Dan Empfield tackled the question many racers battle with today: should you train on your race wheels?

Read More 06.11.14

Lessons Learned from the Almanzo's 100 Miles of Gravel

I live in the Midwest, Central Iowa to be exact. Iowa is not blessed with mountains or ample public land. We are known for pigs, corn and miles of gravel roads. A few years back I discovered a gravel race in SE Minnesota known as the Almanzo 100.

Read More 06.10.14

How #Greenteam Does the Giro d'Italia

Italian team, Bardiani-CSF, arrived at the 2014 Giro d'Italia as the youngest team (average age of 24.8 years). One of four Pro-Continental teams invited to participate in the race, Bardiani-CSF proved to be the only Wild Card team to pull off a stage win.

Read More 06.02.14

Power Training Camp Report from Mallorca, Spain

International sales manager, Clayton Goldsmith, spent two weeks in the saddle alongside a few of our European friends.

Read More 05.29.14

Cycling Camp with Peaks Coaching Group

It's spring, which means it's cycling camp season.

Read More 05.21.14

The Benefits of Training with Power for Time-Crunched Athletes

Whether you are a fulltime professional who trains 30 hours a week, or an age-group competitor balancing family and work commitments, we all want to use our training time as effectively as possible.

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3-Part Webinar Series: How to train with power by Peaks Coaching Group

Our recent partnership with Peaks Coaching Group has lead to a series of webinars focused on the benefits of power training. Lead by power expert Hunter Allen, these free webinars focus exclusively on all things power.

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Giro Ready: How the Pros Prepare for a Multi-Stage Race

This coming Friday marks the start of the Giro d'Italia, the first of the Grand Tours that occur every summer. Teams participating in the Giro are staring down 21 stages of racing, pedaling 3445.4 kilometers (or 2140.87 miles), and thousands of meters of climbing over the next three weeks. So how does a rider get ready for such an undertaking?

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PowerTap Pros on the Podium

With all six of our pro women toeing the line at the US Pro Championships at Ironman 70.3 St. George and a recovering Jesse Thomas defending his three Wildflower victories, we knew this weekend was going to be a big one for our sponsored athletes.

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Guest Post: Meet Alphamantis

We recently partnered with aerodynamic experts, Alphamantis. In lieu of this exciting new venture, they wrote this post to help you get to know them a little bit better.

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UK's Orange Monkey Update

PowerTap sponsored team, Orange Monkey, had quite a season so far. In addition to a hearty showing at Cape Epic, the team had a 1st (women's) and 2nd (men's) podium finish at the South African SXO Cup.

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CTS training Camp: Brevard, NC

I have been traveling to North Carolina for spring training camps for the last 11 years. Most of them have been as an event coordinator setting up the UW Madison cycling team's annual spring break trip. This year was a little different as I came to Brevard, NC to work with the coaches and athletes of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) as a representative of PowerTap.

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Now Offering: Industry-First 2 Year Warranty

Did you know that we've been making power meters for over 15 years? PowerTap has always been on the cutting edge of power meters, and 2014 is no different. We are now proud to offer a 2 year warranty worldwide on all of our power meters, making ours the longest warranty in the industry.

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Our partnership with Alphamantis and Retül: why it matters

Last week, Alphamantis and Retül announced our industry-first, tri-fold partnership. Through this collaboration, riders will be able to better understand the importance of bike fit (Retül), aerodynamic principles (Alphamantis), and their relationship to power (us). The relationship between these three key race and training components will be covered under a new course in Retül University's bike fit series for professional bike fitters: Positioned for Speed.

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Welcome to the family, GS

The time has come to officially meet our newest collection of hubs and wheelsets: the GS.

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Getting Powered Up with Racer Diaries

When you type, "Why train with power?" into Google, 416 million results pop up in under one second. People are talking and writing about it. A lot. And last week, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

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Eating for Recovery

Nutrition and fueling for training is one of the most confusing components of endurance performance, with not only plenty of conflicting and poor information on the subject, but also plenty of data found in the labs of scientists that don’t necessarily translate to the real world.

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Training Camp: CTS Santa Ynez, CA

My first trip to the Santa Ynez valley was in the early 2000's in support of the Saturn Professional Cycling team. Saturn was one of PowerTap's first large sponsorship deals, and they were gathering the team for product training, bike fits, team building and of course—early season miles. Every pro team holds these kinds of camps, and the formula works just as well for amateur and recreational riders as it does for the pros.

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Scott Crowned as Peaks Camp Giveaway Winner

C’mon down to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Scott from Maryland, because you’re the lucky winner of our Peaks Camp Giveaway contest! A huge thank you to all of you who entered.

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PowerTap athlete Meredith Kessler wins Ironman New Zealand

March 2, 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of Ironman New Zealand. It also marked the day that Meredith Kessler secured her three-peat of the event and shattered course records.

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PowerTap & Bluetooth 101

Back in 2003 we introduced the wireless PowerTap, which was the first-ever wireless power meter. Fast forward to today and ANT+ is somewhat ubiquitous, but lately there's been a new kid moving to town: Bluetooth.

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Carmichael Training Systems and Peaks Coaching Group Choose PowerTap

PowerTap today announced that the leaders in endurance sports coaching, Carmichael Training Systems and Peaks Coaching Group, have selected PowerTap as a preferred power meter.

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Grassroots Profile Interview: Rick Lapinski

PowerTap: Tell us about your first triathlon and your journey to Kona since.

Rick: My first triathlon was actually an off-road triathlon in northern Wisconsin in 2006.

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Warming Up for 'Cross

Cyclocross season is certainly here, with almost a month of racing past already. Oregon and Washington seem to get started earlier and earlier each year, and the team I run and race for during 'cross season went out to our first race back on August 31st.

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New Arrival: PowerTap / Hed Wheels

The PowerTap family continues to grow, and we're excited to announce that we've partnered with Hed and are now offering PowerTap Hed wheels on

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An Interview with Triathlete Courtney Pollman

Courtney Pollman began triathlon in 2011 after a running injury forced her to abandon her training for qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Never shy from taking on challenge, Courtney and her coach came up with a new goal, and with a borrowed bike she began training for a 70.3 distance race last fall. Courtney qualified for Ironman 70.3 World Championships at 70.3 Raleigh, and will be heading to Vegas this week to test herself against the best age groupers in the world. Our discussion with Courtney follows.

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An Interview with Triathlete Reilly Smith

Reilly was introduced to triathlon through a TT series at work, and soon after found himself lining up at Escape From Alcatraz. Reilly found almost immediate success once he began training seriously, and now learns from some of the best - Gerry Rodriguez and Matt Dixon - as he prepares for his 3rd go in Vegas.

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New Arrival: PowerTap adds Zipp to Growing Family

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with and are now are offering PowerTap Zipp wheels.

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Full Circle

I've spent the last 15 years wondering how to truly define the best power meter. When we first introduced PowerTap the focus was simply how could we offer an accurate power meter and how could we do so at a fair price? Shortly after the introduction and initial success of PowerTap, the requests for new products and features started coming in.

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Interview with Pro Triathlete Meredith Kessler

Despite being one of the best triathletes in the world and simply a wonderful person, Meredith Kessler has not had the best career in terms of luck. She's had to navigate through several recoveries from injury, the latest being the result of a head-on bike collision in Eagleman two months ago which left her in the hospital and with a long road of PT to return to training, let alone racing.

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What's in a Calorie?

I asked my little nephew the other day if he knew what a calorie was and he quickly replied, "It's what makes you fat." I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. While he was technically correct and his response was unknowingly witty and oddly in tune, I also realized that I might have exposed him to too many pro cyclists and that a three year old shouldn't be concerned about his power to weight ratio.

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Tour de France Recon Video, Stage 18

On Thursday the Tour will tackle the Col de Manse, Col d'Ornon, and Alpe d'Huez (twice!). Last month we took a trip with Vacansoleil-DCM to recon the stage, so we could share the data with the rest of the team. Get a peek behind the curtains and see what goes into a recon with a WorldTour team.

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Tour de France Infographic

It's Tour time, and Vacansoleil-DCM is putting some serious wattage out and have consistently been represented in the breaks. No wins, yet, but check out some of their power data during three key stages of the first week of the Tour de France in our latest infographic.

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Long-Term Planning by Professional Triathlete Sarah Piampiano

As athletes we develop our "North Star" goal early on. From there, with the help and collaboration of coaches and/or advisers, a long-term plan is put in place to achieve that dream. It may be to compete in the Tour de France, to represent your country in the Olympic Games, to win an Ironman, or even just get in shape or ride 100 miles.

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Stage 1 Tour de France Analysis: Flecha from the gun!

Juan Antonio Flecha made the first breakaway of the 100th Tour de France, and stayed there from the first few kilometers until 37km to go, averaging 261 watts (3.3 w/kg) for 5 hours! What does it take to stay away for that long? See below:

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Interview with Pro Triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury

Emma-Kate Lidbury has put together a string of phenomenal races and is becoming a regular on top of the podium. Emma-Kate recently completed a 'Dirty Double', racing back-to-back 70.3's on consecutive weekends in Raleigh & Kansas (taking a 2nd and a win). We thought it was high time for another chat, and wanted to talk to her specifically about the Double and gain some insights as to how to do it successfully.

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Spring Classic Infographic

Ever wonder what kind of effort the pros are putting out over the course of a race? Ever wonder how some of the Spring Classics compare to one another? So did we.

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Our promise to you: Tested. Trusted. True.

PowerTap has been around 15 years. We're no longer the new and shiny kid on the block, and O.K. with that, because we can honestly say it's taken 15 years to build a power meter that is thoroughly tested through the passing of time, trusted by the experts, and true to what a good power meter should be: lightweight, durable, accurate and reasonably priced.

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Vacansoleil-DCM Tour Recon

If you think it sounds crazy to fly all the way to Southern France to check out one stage of the Tour de France, I wouldn't necessarily disagree. It's a long way to go, but the devil is certainly in the details here in the French Alps.

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USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships

Over 1,000 men and women representing more than 100 college clubs competed in the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships in Tempe, Ariz., a few weeks ago. The athletes were not only challenged by racing against one another, but also had to contend with racing on a new course since the previous year's championships were held in Tuscaloosa, Ala. As the level of competition keeps growing, athletes looking for an edge can benefit from analyzing the course and understanding how to execute a smart race.

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Interview with Heather Wurtele

Heather Wurtele is coming off a big win at Rev3 Quassy this past weekend, which saw one of the most competitive fields outside of 70.3 World Championships. Heather is one of the strongest cyclists in the sport, and improved upon her 2nd place in 2012 by taking a very impressive win by improving her splits across all 3 disciplines. We had a chance to ask Heather a few questions after her race.

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PowerTap Triathlete News

It was a great weekend for PowerTap athletes.

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It was early summer, 1987, when I fell in love with the bicycle. I'm not talking about a childhood, new-bike-for-Christmas type of crush, but one which has endured the test of time, and one which still exists today. I had just finished a massively epic ride and was sprawled on the couch when some friends came over. They asked questions and responded appropriately: "You're crazy!" "That's insane!" Yep - I had just ridden my bike 19 miles. Without stopping. It was a sweet red Schwinn le Tour 10-speed, and I was feeling like a total badass.

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Pre Race Warm Up for a Triathlon

When I attend races I am always amazed at the lack of thought and effort that athletes put into a proper warm up before the race. Even many of the elite athletes seem to greatly under-prepare for the rigors of competition, limiting any warm up to a gentle jog and a few arm circles, before launching into a high intensity effort. It seems that as the distance of the event goes up, the length of warm up generally decreases, which is certainly a mistake.

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"Power Basics" Work Out

The basics of power….. On the bike, power is the amount of turning force (torque) generated multiplied by speed (angular velocity). Simply stated, it is how hard you push on the pedals and how fast you are pedaling. Therefore, the basics to boosting power are to train to push harder and train to push faster. Simple!

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Validity and Reproducibility of the Ergomo Pro Power Meter Compared with the SRM and PowerTap Power Meters

The Ergomo®Pro (EP) is a power meter that measures power output (PO) during outdoor and indoor cycling via 2 optoelectronic sensors located in the bottom bracket axis. The aim of this study was to determine the validity and the reproducibility of the EP compared with the SRM crank set and Powertap hub (PT).

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Validity and Reliability of the PowerTap Mobile Cycling Powermeter when compared with the SRM Device

This study, done by Universite de Franche Comte, Besancon, France, tested the validity and reliability of the PowerTap by comparing it with the most accurate (i.e. the scientific model) of the SRM system. It concluded that The PowerTap must be considered as a suitable device for PO measurements during sub-maximal real road cycling and in sub-maximal laboratory tests.

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Accuracy of SRM and PowerTap Power Monitoring Systems for Bicycling

This study, published by the American College of Sports Medicine, studied the accuracy of SRM and PowerTap

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An Interview with 2016 Ironman Lanzarote Victor, Jesse Thomas

From preparation to race day bike splits, Jesse shares his thoughts on his 2nd Ironman win.

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Why PowerTap: Looking Back on History

Get the edge over the competition.

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