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PowerTap Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor

  • Can be programmed for speed or cadence.
  • Easily attaches to crank arm or hub.
  • Dual band Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatibility.
  • Low profile design with no magnet required.


PowerTap Bluetooth Smart Dual Speed/Cadence Sensor

  • Compatible with Bluetooth Smart phones and tablets.
  • Easily attaches to your bicycle's chain stay.
  • Transmits both speed and cadence to your display.


Padded Wheel Bag

  • Heavy duty padded ballistic nylon with zippered internal pocket.
  • Reinforced axle section.
  • Fitted to carry 700c wheels.
  • Cradles your wheel in style.


Double Padded Wheel Bag

What’s better than one wheel bag? Two, of course.

  • Heavy duty padded ballistic nylon with zippered internal pocket.
  • Reinforced axle section.
  • Fitted to carry 700c wheels
  • Cradles both your wheels in style.


Titanium Skewers

  • Titanium skewer shafts paired with alloy levers.
  • One pair weights 48 grams.
  • Light, strong and aerodynamic.


Freehub Body Kit

  • Freehub body kit for PowerTap power meters.
  • Available in 12mm and 15mm Alloy.
  • Includes adapter to allow use of current 10, 9 and 8 speed Shimano cassettes.
  • Use the PowerTap 11 speed alloy freehub body to replace current ten speed version allowing the wheel to be Shimano

11 speed compatible. No re-dishing of the wheel is required.


6-Pawl Freehub Kit

  • 11-speed Shimano/SRAM compatible
  • 8,9, and 10 speed cassette adapter included
  • SRAM XD (XX1) option available
  • Works with PowerTap G3 hubs only

$44.99 - $99.99

GS Freehub Kit

  • Replacement freehub for PowerTap GS Hubs only
  • Shimano 11 speed compatible (includes spacer for 9/10 speed cassettes)
  • Campagnolo free hub includes replacement end cap

$59.99 - $99.99

Dual ANT+/BLE PowerCap

  • Dual ANT+/BLE electronics.
  • For use with all G3 & GS Hubs including Pro and Elite model hubs that have been upgraded to the G3 style cap.
  • User Replaceable CR2032 battery included.
  • Note that firmware updates for the dual mode cap are completed using PowerTap Mobile for iOS or Rouvy for Android.


edco Monoblock Cassette

  • Single-piece design, machined from solid block of chromoly steel.
  • Electroplated for durability and lower friction.
  • Shift ramps and profiled teeth provide smooth shifts.
  • Available in both 10 and 11 speed.
  • Converts 10 speed freehubs to 11 speed.

$12.99 - $209.99

PowerTap G3 Hub End Caps

  • End caps are sold as single side.
  • Replacement G3 end caps compatible Gen 2 hubs with 15mm axle and all G3 hubs.
  • 142mm thru axle end caps only compatible with PowerTap G3 Disc Hubs and cannot be used to convert older hubs.


PowerTap P1 Pedal Replacement Cleats


PowerTap P1 Pedal Replacement Battery Caps

  • Compatible with both P1 and PowerTap Single-Sided models
  • Replacement caps include o-ring


Replacement P1 Claw Kit

  • Single replacement
  • Includes Claw, Claw Spring, Claw Spacers, Tensioner Screw,
    Tensioner, Claw Screw and Claw Nut


BlueGiga USB Dongle

  • Bluetooth dongle for PCs to work with Rouvy.
  • Needed for Over the Air Firmware Updates to Cycling Power Meters.
  • Works with PC desktops and laptops.


PowerCal Replacement Strap

  • Replacement PowerCal strap
  • Works with all CycleOps and PowerTap branded models

$17.99 - $24.99

G3/GS Hub Cap Removal Tool

  • Tool allows rider to easily remove G3 or GS hub PowerCap.
  • For access to change the hub’s CR2032 Battery.
  • For access to update the firmware on older ANT+ plug in style PowerCaps.


G3 Threaded Triangle Lock Nut

  • The G3 Threaded Triangle Lock Nut threads on and secures the PowerCap onto the hub.


Disc Brake Rotor Kit

  • Replacement disc rotor kit for a 15mm axle PowerTap disc hub.
  • Available for 24h, 28h and 32h.
  • Includes 160mm rotor and screws.

$89.99 - $99.99

Track Cog


Joule/Joule GPS/Joule GPS+ Stem Or Handlebar Mount

  • Mount kit for Joule, Joule GPS or Joule GPS+.
  • Can be configured for mounting on handlebars or stem.


Brake Pads

  • Carbon-specific compound.
  • Optimally manages heat.
  • Minimizes abrasion.
  • Perform great in all conditions: wet or dry.
  • Designed specifically for carbon rims.

* Reynolds pads for AMP series wheels


No prices available

Bar Fly for Joule

  • Only compatible with the Joule, Joule GPS and Joule GPS+ cycling computers.


Hub Battery Cover

Battery cover for PowerTap Hub models: Pro, SL+, SLC+, Elite and COMP.


USB Download Cradle

  • PowerTap USB Downloader.
  • For use with PowerTap 2.4, PowerTap SL, PowerTap Pro, Cervo 2.4, Cervo and Cervo Pro.


PowerTap Battery Holder

  • Replacement battery holder for PowerTap hub.
  • Compatible with SL, 2.4, 2.4+, Comp, Elite+, PRO+, SL+, SLC+ and 2012 PRO Hubs.


Joule/PowerCal Battery Cover

Replacement battery cover with O-Ring for Yellow CPU, HR Strap, PowerCal and Joule.


Hub Cap Wrench

  • Tool for removing hub cap from PowerTap Hubs.
  • Compatible with SL, 2.4, 2.4+, Comp, Elite+, PRO+, SL+, SLC+ and 2012 PRO Hubs.


Joule 2.0 Battery Replacement Kit

Battery replacements for Joule 2.0

*Not compatible with Joule GPS models.


Joule International A/C Charger

  • Allows for charging Joule GPS, Joule GPS+, Joule 2.0 and Joule 3.0 with a wall outlet.
  • Includes adapters for international use.


Handlebar/Stem Mount For Yellow Cervo CPU

CPU mount for use with wireless yellow Cervo PowerTap computers.


Joule 2.0 Standard Mount

  • Mount kit for Joule 2.0.
  • Can be configured for mounting on handlebars or stem.


Joule 3.0 Multi-User Accessory

  • Installs to Joule 3.0 to allow for multiple riders to download data from a single Joule 3.0 cycling computer.
  • Users must have Joule compatible USB stick.
  • Ideal for group cycling environments.

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