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PowerTap Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor

  • Can be programmed for speed or cadence.
  • Easily attaches to crank arm or hub.
  • Dual band Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatibility.
  • Low profile design with no magnet required.


PowerTap Bluetooth Smart Dual Speed/Cadence Sensor

  • Compatible with Bluetooth Smart phones and tablets.
  • Easily attaches to your bicycle's chain stay.
  • Transmits both speed and cadence to your display.


Padded Wheel Bag

  • Heavy duty padded ballistic nylon with zippered internal pocket.
  • Reinforced axle section.
  • Fitted to carry 700c wheels.
  • Cradles your wheel in style.


Double Padded Wheel Bag

What’s better than one wheel bag? Two, of course.

  • Heavy duty padded ballistic nylon with zippered internal pocket.
  • Reinforced axle section.
  • Fitted to carry 700c wheels
  • Cradles both your wheels in style.


Titanium Skewers

  • Titanium skewer shafts paired with alloy levers.
  • One pair weights 48 grams.
  • Light, strong and aerodynamic.


Freehub Body Kit

  • Freehub body kit for PowerTap power meters.
  • Available in 12mm and 15mm Alloy.
  • Includes adapter to allow use of current 10, 9 and 8 speed Shimano cassettes.
  • Use the PowerTap 11 speed alloy freehub body to replace current ten speed version allowing the wheel to be Shimano

11 speed compatible. No re-dishing of the wheel is required.


6-Pawl Freehub Kit

  • 11-speed Shimano/SRAM compatible
  • 8,9, and 10 speed cassette adapter included
  • SRAM XD (XX1) option available
  • Works with PowerTap G3 hubs only

$44.99 - $99.99

GS Freehub Kit

  • Replacement freehub for PowerTap GS Hubs only
  • Shimano 11 speed compatible (includes spacer for 9/10 speed cassettes)
  • Campagnolo free hub includes replacement end cap

$59.99 - $99.99

Dual ANT+/BLE PowerCap

  • Dual ANT+/BLE electronics.
  • For use with all G3 & GS Hubs including Pro and Elite model hubs that have been upgraded to the G3 style cap.
  • User Replaceable CR2032 battery included.
  • Note that firmware updates for the dual mode cap are completed using PowerTap Mobile for iOS or Rouvy for Android.


edco Monoblock Cassette

  • Single-piece design, machined from solid block of chromoly steel.
  • Electroplated for durability and lower friction.
  • Shift ramps and profiled teeth provide smooth shifts.
  • Converts 10 speed freehubs to 11 speed.

$12.99 - $199.99

PowerTap G3 Hub End Caps

  • End caps are sold as single side.
  • Replacement G3 end caps compatible Gen 2 hubs with 15mm axle and all G3 hubs.
  • 142mm thru axle end caps only compatible with PowerTap G3 Disc Hubs and cannot be used to convert older hubs.


PowerTap P1 Pedal Replacement Cleats


PowerTap Pedal Replacement Battery Caps

  • Compatible with both P1 and PowerTap Single-Sided models
  • Replacement caps include o-ring


Replacement Pedal Claw Kit

  • Single replacement
  • Includes Claw, Claw Spring, Claw Spacers, Tensioner Screw,
    Tensioner, Claw Screw and Claw Nut


BlueGiga USB Dongle

  • Bluetooth dongle for PCs to work with Rouvy.
  • Needed for Over the Air Firmware Updates to Cycling Power Meters.
  • Works with PC desktops and laptops.


PowerCal Elastic Strap

  • Replacement PowerCal strap
  • Works with all CycleOps and PowerTap branded models


G3/GS Hub Cap Removal Tool

  • Tool allows rider to easily remove G3 or GS hub PowerCap.
  • For access to change the hub’s CR2032 Battery.
  • For access to update the firmware on older ANT+ plug in style PowerCaps.


Replacement Skid Plate

  • Single skid plate replacement for P1 and P1 Single-sided pedals
  • Includes 2 mounting screws


G3 Threaded Triangle Lock Nut

  • The G3 Threaded Triangle Lock Nut threads on and secures the PowerCap onto the hub.


Disc Brake Rotor Kit

  • Replacement disc rotor kit for a 15mm axle PowerTap disc hub.
  • Available for 24h, 28h and 32h.
  • Includes 160mm rotor and screws.

$89.99 - $99.99

Track Cog


Joule/Joule GPS/Joule GPS+ Stem Or Handlebar Mount

  • Mount kit for Joule, Joule GPS or Joule GPS+.
  • Can be configured for mounting on handlebars or stem.


Brake Pads

  • Carbon-specific compound.
  • Optimally manages heat.
  • Minimizes abrasion.
  • Perform great in all conditions: wet or dry.
  • Designed specifically for carbon rims.

* Reynolds pads for AMP series wheels


No prices available

Bar Fly for Joule

  • Only compatible with the Joule, Joule GPS and Joule GPS+ cycling computers.


Hub Battery Cover

Battery cover for PowerTap Hub models: Pro, SL+, SLC+, Elite and COMP.

USB Download Cradle

  • PowerTap USB Downloader.
  • For use with PowerTap 2.4, PowerTap SL, PowerTap Pro, Cervo 2.4, Cervo and Cervo Pro.


PowerTap Battery Holder

  • Replacement battery holder for PowerTap hub.
  • Compatible with SL, 2.4, 2.4+, Comp, Elite+, PRO+, SL+, SLC+ and 2012 PRO Hubs.


Joule/PowerCal Battery Cover

Replacement battery cover with O-Ring for Yellow CPU, HR Strap, PowerCal and Joule.

Hub Cap Wrench

  • Tool for removing hub cap from PowerTap Hubs.
  • Compatible with SL, 2.4, 2.4+, Comp, Elite+, PRO+, SL+, SLC+ and 2012 PRO Hubs.


Joule 2.0 Battery Replacement Kit

Battery replacements for Joule 2.0

*Not compatible with Joule GPS models.


Joule International A/C Charger

  • Allows for charging Joule GPS, Joule GPS+, Joule 2.0 and Joule 3.0 with a wall outlet.
  • Includes adapters for international use.


Handlebar/Stem Mount For Yellow Cervo CPU

CPU mount for use with wireless yellow Cervo PowerTap computers.


Joule 2.0 Standard Mount

  • Mount kit for Joule 2.0.
  • Can be configured for mounting on handlebars or stem.


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