Power Meters

Training with a power meter is the truest measure of your performance. And PowerTap is the truest measure of your power.

Pedal Power Meters

  • Mounts to any crank and does not require calibration, providing a true "plug-and-play" experience.

  • Gives you unrivaled insight into the way you pedal and where you can be more efficient.

  • Unmatched accuracy standard of +/-1.5%.

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Hub & Wheelset Power Meters

  • The hub's design allows for a simple, straight-forward way to measure power.

  • Scientifically validated by a third party time and again, setting the industry standard for accuracy at +/-1.5%.

  • Wheelsets can easily be transferred between bikes, which means you'll never miss a watt.

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Chainring power meter

Chainring Power Meters

  • The C1 is a full featured, crank-based power meter that features dual-sided measurement.

  • Compatible with a wide range of alloy and carbon cranks. View our compatibility chart.

  • We've made it possible to measure power at the chainring without altering the stiffness of your existing crank.

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Strain Gauges
2-year warranty
Added Weight 174 Grams Added
56 Grams Added
158 Grams Added
Left/Right Data
Serviceable Battery


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Speed Data
Manual Zero
User Updatability
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Tested. Trusted. True.

We stand behind every piece, every mile.

Rigorously Tested and Perfected

This attention to detail in everything we design and engineer is how we consistently bring you industry-leading accuracy and reliability.

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Trusted by Cyclists

We set the standard for accuracy and durability in cycling power meters years ago and have upheld that attention to quality longer than anyone else.

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Power Knowledge

Take your training to the next level.

training with a power meter

Getting Started

We'll show you how to begin using your power meter effectively.

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cyclist training with power

Measuring Power

Power definitions and explanations that will give you the edge.

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