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The cycling power meter is an incredible tool. These devices were once only reserved for professional cyclists and sports training labs filled with specialists. Since hitting the market almost two decades ago, the use of power meters has sky rocketed. Now power data is readily available, and it’s up to the athlete to learn how to harness those numbers for good.

The best way to sharpen your skills as a data driven cyclist, and as a rider overall, is to stay educated. That’s why we’ve partnered up with some of the most knowledgeable coaches and experts in the field to create this Ultimate Performance Guide.

Chapter 1

by Coach Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group

Peaks Coaching Group

Setting Goals Using Your Power Meter

There are many ways to use your power meter to set goals. These can range from wattage goals within a single interval, to creating a certain amount of training stress in a workout, to raising your FTP (functional threshold power) to a new level and even to help you set a goal of peaking for a particular race.

A power meter can be used at all levels of training in order to help you set goals and this is one of the most important reasons to use a power meter. This chapter will help you get started in using your new tool to set goals for each interval session and then to set goals for your overall training load.

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Chapter 2

by Coach Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group

Peaks Coaching Group

How Much Training Can You Handle Over Time?

How much should I ride? How hard should I ride? Do I ride when I am tired? When will I be recovered enough to train hard again? These questions are at the heart of every ambitious cyclist and their spring training regime.

They are not always easy questions to answer and many of the answers only come from years of trial and error while learning and listening to your body. This process, while usually returning good results, can be slow and when the "error" side of things pops up, it can be painful and even more time consuming to get back to previous form. For most of us, the biggest issue with the old "trial and error" method is that we don't have time to for it!

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Chapter 3

by Dietitian Bob Seebohar of eNRG Performance

eNRG Performance

Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching Your Body to Burn More Fat

The concept of metabolic efficiency was first “born” in my sports nutrition practice in 2006. I wanted to help endurance athletes who experienced gastrointestinal (GI) distress and the best way I found to do this was to teach them how to manipulate their internal stores of fat and carbohydrate through the balance of blood sugar through different food combinations.

Little did I know the metabolic efficiency concept would turn out to be so much more!

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Chapter 4

by Sports Physiologist Allen Lim of Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs

Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Our bodies are made up of 60-75% water (more muscles = more water), and when we sweat, we begin to lose that water quickly. This simple fact makes it easy tounderstand that we need to drink when we exercise to replace lost fluids. But, sweat isn’t just water ...

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Chapter 5

by Coach Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group

Peaks Coaching Group

Pedaling Symmetry & Power Meters that Measure Bi-Lateral Power

There are new pedaling analytics in town: GPR, GPA, Power Phase, Torque Effectiveness, Torque Efficieney, etc. In this chapter we take a closer look at these data points and what they mean.

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Chapter 6

by Elite Triathlon Coach Matt Dixon of purplepatch Fitness

purplepatch Fitness

When Quitting is an Option: Strategically Pulling Back from a Training Session

Triathlon is a tough sport. It rewards traits such as commitment, suffering and problem solving. Yet a mindset of finishing what one planned may not always be the best long-term lens of performance evolution. Here Coach Matt Dixon discusses the framework of how to know if it’s time to strategically adjust a training session.

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