by Steve Chapin, PowerTap Director of Communications

It was early summer, 1987, when I fell in love with the bicycle. I'm not talking about a childhood, new-bike-for-Christmas type of crush, but one which has endured the test of time, and one which still exists today. I had just finished a massively epic ride and was sprawled on the couch when some friends came over. They asked questions and responded appropriately: "You're crazy!" "That's insane!" Yep - I had just ridden my bike 19 miles. Without stopping. It was a sweet red Schwinn le Tour 10-speed, and I was feeling like a total badass.

By the following summer I logged my first century, had a new bike and matching Kiwi helmet, a subscription to Winning Magazine, and had entered my first race; I was hardcore. As the race entered the final corner I took the lead and launched my sprint. I couldn't believe I was going to win my very first race, and to this day this moment still stands as one of my most memorable on a bicycle. 16 riders ended up passing me in the final stretch and I afterwards I was introduced to the concept of drafting, but with my 17th place and momentary glory, I was hooked.

We all have stories of how we started cycling, the cool new gear along the way, and the mistakes we've made and from which - hopefully - we've learned, though often times the hard way. After 23 years of riding, I'm still learning new things every day about riding, about myself, and I still get excited about riding just as I did when I was a kid.

Throughout the years, the bikes and the technology have certainly changed (anyone remember down tube shifters or toe clips?), and one of the more recent and most dramatic changes has been the use of power on the bike. PowerTap introduced its first hub back in 2001, the PowerTap Pro. Wired, non-coded and weighing in at 576 grams, it was the height of technology. Since then we've come a long way, and are proud to have helped grow and define the power category in the process.

And with this experience and knowledge, it's with great excitement that we introduce PowerTap as a dedicated brand, with a focus specifically on and around power. While CycleOps will continue with its current plan and focus on trainers and indoor cycles, PowerTap will have a dedicated team with a very specific focus on power products, which will allow us to continue to develop product and better provide content centered on training and racing with power.

We have all sorts of information planned for the coming months on training and racing with power, nutrition, strength training, and a whole lot more. So be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and check back here frequently for more information. Info designed to help you learn, become a better cyclist, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Until then, happy riding.

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