Our promise to you: Tested. Trusted. True.

Our promise to you: Tested. Trusted. True.

by Jesse Bartholomew, PowerTap Product Manager

PowerTap has been around 15 years. We're no longer the new and shiny kid on the block, and O.K. with that, because we can honestly say it's taken 15 years to build a power meter that is thoroughly tested through the passing of time, trusted by the experts, and true to what a good power meter should be: lightweight, durable, accurate and reasonably priced.

Tested. Trusted. True. Who else can legitimately make that claim?

It took us years to get here, and as our new tagline, it perfectly sums up everything PowerTap is about, and we wanted to explain a bit of the mystery behind the curtain.

As a brief introduction, I've been the PowerTap Product Manager for just over 14 years. In that time my title has changed a bit - I actually started out answering tech support calls and rebuilding hubs - but I've always had a desire to make PowerTap a success. For years, our definition of success had nothing to do with job security or corporate success, rather a success measured solely by the widespread acceptance of the power meter. Back in 1999, this meant simply finding a bike shop - any bike shop - that would be willing to have a conversation about something called a power meter, and hopefully, we could persuade them to try and sell it. That was success in 1999.

In 2001, it meant going to the Tour de Toona in Pennsylvania to install PowerTap's on the bikes of almost 50 pros that elected to participate in ground breaking research being conducted by some guy named Allen Lim and the University of Colorado at Boulder. A bit later it meant making my first trip to a European pro race (Tour of the Med), and by 2006 we watched with disbelief as our beloved product crossed the finish line with a rider wearing a yellow jersey (only to have it stripped away days later). Each of these moments helped us inch closer to success, which of course keeps moving as we reach each new milestone.

Today, we're excited to open yet another chapter in the PowerTap book. What may look like a simple rebranding is really so much more: it's a re-dedication of PowerTap's commitment to build the best power meter money can buy now and into the future, and a celebration of our 15-year history (see our Facebook timeline) in building in what many have called one of the most influential cycling products ever. That's a heavy claim, and one that we don't take lightly.

The power meter category is developing fast, and with all the excitement it's easy to forget about the basics. This isn't a knock on our competition and we're certainly not taking the foot off the gas, rather pushing the pedal harder than ever. And we will continue to do so by offering what we would argue is the best product that can provide the back-bone of success or failure in your performance, and can help you make the most of your limited training time. We'll continue to push our definition of success so you can do the same.

Here's to another great 15 years of being tested, trusted & true.

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