Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Advantages of a PowerTap

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Advantages of a PowerTap

As a cycling coach, the ease at which PowerTap goes on your bike is a huge advantage! Athletes stop by our PCG headquarter all the time and want to test power, and with PowerTap, we just stick it on their bike and go! As coaches we know that trusting the power numbers is big! You can't change an athlete's threshold if you are not sure that the numbers are accurate.

I've been using PowerTap since '98 and as a company they have been innovating and improving their product every year! When I see power data from a PowerTap, I know I can trust it! Plus, PowerTap is the only power meter you can buy that will instantly make you faster! I can speak from experience that the super-fast Smart ENVE wheels make you go faster from the start...then get on-board with training and watch out!

Hunter Allen is internationally known as one of the top experts in the field of power meter coaching. He founded Peaks Coaching Group in 1996 to focus on developing the artful science of efficient power training for which Peaks Coaching Group is still known for today. You can follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterpeaks or over at his blog.

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