Ditch Your Training Wheels

Ditch Your Training Wheels

Wheel technology has come a long way in the last decade. In a May Slowtwich article, Dan Empfield tackled the question many racers battle with today: should you train on your race wheels?

"I have changed my mind. Completely. I used to believe in training on your training wheels and racing on your race wheels, not putting the race wheels on your bike until a ride or two before the race. I now no longer believe that...This used to be monetarily inconvenient because race wheels were dainty, tender things, and we always had our tubies glued onto them. Nowadays these wheels are tough. The reason they're tough is because wheel companies like HED, Zipp, Enve, Mavic and the rest got tired of selling these carbon wheels only to triathletes. They finally learned how to build a better mousetrap stronger...Ergo, you can ride these race wheels every day. So I do."

Here at PowerTap we feel strongly that the days of having race wheels and training wheels are over. Having an arsenal of wheels at your disposal can be fun, but it’s also impractical and unnecessary with the wheel technology available today. Thanks to this advancement in wheels you can make the most of your new wheelset purchase and use them every day.

-Jesse Bartholomew, PowerTap Category Manager

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