Guest Post: Meet Alphamantis

Guest Post: Meet Alphamantis

We recently partnered with aerodynamic experts, Alphamantis. In lieu of this exciting new venture, they wrote this post to help you get to know them a little bit better.

Alphamantis: Find Your Aero

To get from point A to point B in the fastest possible way, you need power to propel you, the training that supports that effort and the best aerodynamics you can have. At Alphamantis Technologies, we began as a group of engineers and scientists with a passion for the laws of physics, sports—and cycling. We joined together to develop the most innovative technology for testing aerodynamics in a real world setting, while you are riding your bike. Our objective is to deliver game-changing aerodynamic testing to triathletes and cyclists of all levels - and not require a wind tunnel to do so.

Drag is what slows you down. By optimizing bike fit and equipment choices, athletes can make significant improvements in their overall performance by reducing their CdA (the coefficient of drag). Little improvements can make a massive difference over the course of a 40k, 56mi or 112mi race. For example, a simple helmet or position alterations can save up to 20 watts, and can deliver you to the finish line a solid minute faster, without doing anything else training-wise. To us, that just makes sense (call us lazy). ;).

It is important to note that what is aero for one person may not be as aero for the next person, which makes aero testing an important part of your bike fit process. Aero testing isn't just for professionals or the elite, it's for athletes of all levels; we want to help you "Find Your Aero"—the most optimal fit for you, your bike and your biomechanics.

How do we do this? In addition to using our technology to calculate drag area (CdA) in real time, we partner with the very best bike fit specialists, including our recent partnership with Retül in their Positioned for Speed courses for bike fitters. Our system additionally relies on accurate, reliable power meters to complete aero testing, and we have partnered with PowerTap to achieve this.

The earliest versions of our algorithms used data collected on PowerTap hubs. Because PowerTap measures power at the rear wheel, we avoid the uncertainty of how much power is lost in the drivetrain. Also, the PowerTap speed sensor is integrated in the hub, making the testing setup clean and allowing us to focus on reducing drag rather than other variables.

Over the years, we have developed our technology to the point where we are seeing undeniable results, and the industry is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits—and challenges—of aerodynamics. Some of our success stories include Kona Ironman World Championship runner up, Luke McKenzie, who chose an eyebrow-raising, sleeved tri suit, which we found to be significantly more aero for him through tests orchestrated by our VELO Sports Center partner, ERO Sports.

Over the past couple of years, Alphamantis Technologies has been behind the scenes helping a wide range of elite triathletes and cyclists improve results, including Julie Dibens, Leanda Cave, Rachel Joyce, Fabian Cancellara, the Canadian, Australian and US Olympic track teams, and dozens of other professionals.

We are excited to be on the forefront of aerodynamic developments in cycling and triathlon, alongside our incredible partners. Look for more aero updates in the future, and we look forward to continuing to develop our technology to make aero testing more accessible to athletes everywhere.

About Alphamantis:

Alphamantis Technologies is a Montreal-based sports technology company and creator of the cutting-edge Alphamantis Track Aero System, which is the only aerodynamic testing system of its kind in the world. The TAS brings accuracy, precision and results within reach for athletes of all levels. This innovative technology measures CdA (coefficient of drag) in real time, as a cyclist is riding his/her bike. The result is highly accurate data that helps a cyclist select the best riding position and gear for optimal aerodynamics and ultimately improve performance on the bike. For more information about Alphamantis Technologies, visit

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