Post-Season Training with Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano

Post-Season Training with Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano

Hello Post Season!

Post-season is a time we all look forward to as our competition seasons come to a close. It allows more time with friends and family, more opportunities to indulge and stay up late - more time to be less structured.

I tend to take 3-4 weeks of total rest after my last race of the season. I return to "Post-season" training only when my body and mind feel refreshed. I take the time off seriously as I don't like risking burn out, fatigue or over-training as a new season approaches.

Once training starts up again, my coach Matt Dixon and I, tend to be a bit less specific in our sessions, logging good base miles, while also taking the opportunity to address key weaknesses and technique changes. This time also includes more endurance-focused riding and strength work mixed with some high intensity neuromuscular work to keep the muscles firing.

As a triathlete, we have to balance swim, bike, run and strength in our schedules. My post season schedule looks a bit like this:


3-4km Swim: lighter effort with some technique and stroke rate work

Nap 1

90 minute ride: light spin/flush ride

Nap 2

90 minute strength session


4-5km Swim: hard effort

60-90 minute run either endurance or with some fast neuromuscular work


2-3 hour ride: PM endurance ride


2 hour trainer session: purpose is to create mechanical fatigue by doing a mixture of Zone 2 and Zone 3 work and a lot of slow cadence into high cadence work

20-45 minute run: endurance effort with a few neuromuscular pick-ups

60 minute strength session focused on activation

3km swim


4-5km swim: hard effort

75-105 minute run: endurance focus


2-4 hour ride: PM Endurance ride


2 hour trainer session: high intensity neuromuscular work interspersed with Zone 2 steady state intervals

20-30 minute run: light run-off

90 minute strength session

3km swim


4-6 hour ride: "get lost" endurance focus

30-45 minute run: shake-out from ride


5-6km swim: hard effort

75-120 minute run: endurance focus

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful off-season!

Little Red-

Sarah Piampiano (pictured above at the 2014 US Pro Championship in St. George, Utah) is a Maine-born kid who breathed sports from an early age. Following a 3-season collegiate career in ski racing and cross country running, she worked as an investment banker before competing in her first triathlon in 2009 after a bet with a friend. Since then she's made the journey from newbie triathlete to Ironman 70.3 Champion and one of the top athletes in the sport. You can follow her journey on Twitter @SarahPiampiano or via her website

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