PowerTap, Latin Bikes and Peaks Coaching Group team up for a Power Training Camp in Panama

PowerTap, Latin Bikes and Peaks Coaching Group team up for a Power Training Camp in Panama

Hunter Allen recently held a power training camp in Panama City, Panama with Latin Bikes, the leading bike shops in Panama. There were 10 riders from Panama, each using a PowerTap power meter and some great riding! The 3 day camp started out with an early breakfast, followed by a 30minute meeting to go over the days training and then a solid 2-4 hour ride with specific workouts and coaching by Hunter.

After each ride, the campers enjoyed a great lunch from grilled Bar-B-Q Chicken to amazing Pizza to indulging themselves on the last day at the Westin Hotel buffet! In the afternoon, Hunter taught the principles of power training in Spanish, along with teaching all of the campers how to download and analyze their power files using TrainingPeaks WKO+ software. Each evening the campers enjoyed some free time to relax and recover.

There were many highlights of this great power training camp, including riding on the closed roads of the old US Military Base in Panama Pacifico, riding for 100km on the fastest road in Panama with constant tailwind(!), but one of the greatest was the last days' ride across the Panama Canal on both bridges! We started out on the Pacific side, rode across the Americas Bridge into the outskirts of town where the City of Panama closes down two lanes of the downtown expressway to cyclists every Sunday morning for 5 hours! How cool is that?!!!

There were hundreds and hundreds of cyclists riding on the closed roads and it was a special treat that is done every Sunday morning in Panama to promote cycling. After riding along the Panama Canal for a few miles, we headed into the jungles of Panama for a fun 10miles of fast, hard riding. After a quick break, the group headed to the "New" Bridge, the Centennial Bridge, which is beautiful and an incredible cable tension bridge. After riding over "Los Dos Puentes", we headed back to camp headquarters and off to eat a fantastic lunch at the Westin Hotel buffet. We finished the final day of analysis with the campers learning about the Performance Manager and each receiving their individual training zones and power profile based on the three days of testing.

Another great camp by Peaks Coaching Group and the first of it's kind in Panama. Exciting partnership with Latin Bikes and PowerTap in bringing power training to Panama!

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