PowerTap Weekend Box Report: June 28 - June 29

PowerTap Weekend Box Report: June 28 - June 29

Six of our athletes raced this weekend and all six finished in the top three! Not only that, but we saw four 1st place finishes as well.

Ironman Coeur D'Alene

1st: Heather Wurtele

3rd: Jess Smith

Heather Wurtele's 5:22:19 bike split was the fastest of the day, followed by Jess Smith's bike effort. We take it as a personal compliment that our athletes locked down the one-two bike splits!

Heather Wurtele at the Ironman Coeur D'Alene Finish // Photo: Rocky Arroyo

Saskatoon 5150

1st: Melanie McQuaid

Fresh off her Boise 0=70.3 win, Melanie dominated the Pro Chase at the Saskatoon 5150. As someone who dominates in road triathlons and XTERRAs alike, it's no surprise that she broke the tape this weekend.

McQuaid at the Saskatoon 5150 // Photo: finisherpix.com

Pacific Crest

1st: Matt Lieto

Oregon-based triathlete, Matt Lieto, stayed local this weekend to race in the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival in adjacent Sunriver. He walked away with his 4th Pacific Crest title and course record of 4:05:39.

Ironman Austria

1st: Ivan Raña

Spaniard, Ivan Raña, crossed the finish line with a race-winning 7:48:43--aka: the second-fastest Ironman time ever!

Ivan Raña celebrating victory at Ironman Austria.

Buffalo Springs 70.3

3rd: Jesse Thomas

After dominating at Mont Tremblant last weekend Jesse headed to Texas in the hopes of gathering as many points as possible. He finished in 4:02:54 thanks to his race-best half-marathon of 1:20:12.

Congrats to all of you!

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