10 Reasons to Love the PowerTap G3 Hub

10 Reasons to Love the PowerTap G3 Hub

We're excited to offer ways to measure power outside of just the hub with the addition of the P1 and C1 to our power meter portfolio. However, the hub-based power meter is not to be overlooked. It's been the cornerstone of our business for the last 17 years and our latest generation, the G3, is better than ever before. Here's 10 reasons to favor the G3 hub.

  1. It's so simple. The G3 does two things and does each of them very well. It measures torque and angular velocity. That's it. With most things, especially power meters, the simpler the better.

  2. It measures everything [almost]. You get power, speed and cadence all from one tidy little package. No extra sensors necessary.

  3. It's extremely versatile and compatible. No other cycling power meter boasts faster bike-to-bike changes or is as compatible with as many bikes as the G3.

  4. Battery changes are so easy. With the external electronics cap design [new for the G3] battery changes are ridiculously easy. Plus, if you only hand tighten the nut you can remove the PowerCap without any tools. Bonus.

    PowerTap G3 Hub
    The G3 hub powercap is compatible with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.

  5. It's protected. The hub is one of the most protected areas of the bike, so even in extreme situations there is little worry of damaging the hub or electronics.

  6. Isolated torque measurement. One of the beauties of the G3 is its design. Its torque tube and hub shell measurement area [where the strain gages live] are isolated from all of the external forces placed on the wheel. That means any lateral or torsional flex of the wheel is isolated from where the driving forces are being measured.

  7. No need for GPS to get speed. Because wheel speed is inherent to the power measurement with the G3, you don't have to wait for satellite acquisition to start your ride. Plus the speed/distance measurements are never affected by weather, terrain or foliage. And when you take your ride inside, there isn't a need for an additional speed sensor to get speed data. Bonus again.

  8. Unbeatable value. If you compare a wheelset with and without a G3 hub, the cost to add power to a set of wheels is around $300. Need 2 wheelsets for racing and training? No problem, a G3 wheelset is still the best value in dual-sided power meters at $600. Simply get both of the wheelsets with the PowerTap G3.

    PowerTap G3 power meter

  9. Auto-zero functionality. Temperature compensation is an important factor when measuring power in the real world. Temperatures fluctuate, and sometimes they fluctuate by a lot. The mechanism by which a cycling power meter accounts for this is crucial to your data integrity. The G3 has the same auto-zero functionality that we've been using for over a decade. The intelligence in the hub dictates that when you coast the hub knows there is zero torque, so the hub assigns a new offset value based on the new zero point. This all happens behind the scenes if you have your 'Auto-Zero' ON. Super easy.

  10. The shit just works. Over 17 years of making some of the best power meters in the world has taught us a lot. It's also given us the knowledge to continue bringing new and innovating products to the market. The bottom line is our shit just works, day after day, year after year. If it didn't, well then we would never been able to sell more power meters than anyone else in the history of cycling power meters. End of story.

Evolution of PowerTap G3 power meter

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