Coach Conversations: Allen Lim and Metrics

Coach Conversations: Allen Lim and Metrics

There are a lot of algorithms and methods out in the world that can take your basic pattern of power output during a ride and use some fancy math to boil it down to other numbers. Power training expert Allen Lim prefers to keep things simple – like Occam's Razor simple. Occam's razor states that all things being equal, the simplest solution is the right one. For Allen, accuracy from a cycling power meter is everything.

  • Don't over complicate the metrics. According to Allen, you and your power coach can do a lot more with one accurate number than a bunch of other metrics that maybe aren't as on point.
  • Use metrics to understand the distribution of training zones and/or peak powers to help an athlete train properly.
  • The real value in using power output as a training tool is not the daily information, but the chronic, long-term data.

Dr. Allen Lim

Dr. Allen Lim is a sports physiologist, cycling coach, and a founder of Skratch Labs, a manufacturer of performance hydration mixes and the world's first active nourishment company. Beginning his coaching career with Jonathan Vaughters' TIAA-CREF cycling development team, Lim developed a method of testing for biological markers of performance enhancing drugs that led to cycling's Biological Passport. Lim was director of sport science for Garmin and RadioShack cycling teams and is the only American scientist to have worked and cooked for teams at the Tour de France. Lim has worked with dozens of top American cyclists to improve their performance and nutrition.

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