Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Aerodynamics

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Aerodynamics

You can buy speed and power. Position, Skin suit, helmet, aerobars are super important but so are aero wheels…over a minute time savings in a 40K TT!

The fine line in Aerodynamics is finding the sweet spot ... a 10-15% drop in power to get that aero position is OK, as you can practice that position and gain your power back. But a 20-30% drop in power, because of an aero position is too aggressive…you need to find the balance.

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Good aerodynamics are more important than most cyclist think. A rider putting out the same power on two different bicycles can vary by 10 + mph. The rider going 300 watts on an upright beach cruiser might be able to go 18 mph. The same rider going 300 watts on a TT bike with Smart Enve aero wheels might go 28 mph!

Hunter Allen is internationally known as one of the top experts in the field of power meter coaching. He founded Peaks Coaching Group in 1996 to focus on developing the artful science of efficient power training for which Peaks Coaching Group is still known for today. You can follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterpeaks or over at his blog.

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