Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Basics

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Basics

Understanding your training levels is super important. The power meter assures you are training in the right zone. These zones are based on your current threshold power and make training more focused and efficient. No more guessing with heart rate numbers! If your threshold is 300 watts and you are going to do an endurance ride, your power prescription would be to ride at 56-75% of threshold. Which for an athlete with a 300 watt FTP would be 168 – 225 watts.

Andy Coggan's Power Training Levels

Dr. Andy Coggan’s power levels

Intervals are a crucial part of any athlete’s training. The power meter allows the athlete to see each interval while or just after they have completed it. Doing the correct number of intervals is very important and having the numbers right there on the power meter gives the athlete the ability to add more if they are not fatigued or go home because they cannot hit their prescribed numbers.

Hunter Allen is internationally known as one of the top experts in the field of power meter coaching. He founded Peaks Coaching Group in 1996 to focus on developing the artful science of efficient power training for which Peaks Coaching Group is still known for today. You can follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterpeaks or over at his blog.

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