Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Metrics

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen - Metrics

The Performance Management Chart tracks your Training Stress Score TSS over time so that you can track your fitness, freshness and fatigue. The above PMC chart is from a dedicated athlete with almost 2 years of information. The blue line (CTL) is her fitness ramping up to a race, then dropping off for a rest, then ramping up again.

Performance Management Chart

Every workout gets a score, called TSS or Training Stress Score. 100 points equals a 1 hour all-out effort. A 1 hour Time Trial that the rider was going all out would receive 100 pts. But you could also receive 100 points for riding almost 2 hours at a light Endurance pace.

Each workout gets an Intensity Factor as well, or IF. The IF is the percentage of threshold power. For example, a tempo workout is 76% - 90% of threshold power, so if an IF factor for a ride was .86, the average power for the ride was 86% of threshold or a solid tempo ride. 

This workout was 4 x 10 min efforts at FTP (threshold)

This workout was to do 4 x 10 min efforts at FTP (threshold). The second effort was her best.
The average power for this 10 min was 214 watts. Her FTP (threshold) is 215 watts
for this 10 minutes she recieved 16.4 TSS points at an Intensity Factor of .0991.
She was going at her MAX effort for this interval (1.0 is max).

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