Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Cycling Power Meters

Coach Conversations: Hunter Allen on Cycling Power Meters

WHY should I have a power meter?

It's important to have a strong WHY with your training.

Why am I training?

I want to improve, I want to get stronger and faster.

I want to make efficient, effective use of my training time.

I want to achieve my event/race goals.

The power meter will let you achieve your goals by allowing you to track your fitness through your personal data and actually see that you are improving and getting stronger through charts and graphs as well as through your performance in the race or event.    

A power meter takes the guess work out of training plans.  No more hit and miss workouts; with the proper threshold numbers, the power meter data clearly allows the coach or athlete the tools to set the correct intensity and duration for workouts and intervals.  The years of trial and error are gone and efficient plans are put into place with incredible results. 

A power meter, with all its wonderful data, allows the coach the insight into finding the secrets to understanding each athlete.  What are their strengths and weaknesses? What does their past and present data tell me?  What are the athlete's event goals? Combine all this information and you have a training formula for success!

Power profile for a 40 yr. old mt. biker

Hunter Allen is internationally known as one of the top experts in the field of power meter coaching. He founded Peaks Coaching Group in 1996 to focus on developing the artful science of efficient power training for which Peaks Coaching Group is still known for today. You can follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterpeaks or over at his blog.

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