Coach Conversations: Kirk Nordgren - Encouragement

Coach Conversations: Kirk Nordgren - Encouragement

Power meters provide instantaneous feedback during your workout. Whether you're struggling up your local climb or sweating on the trainer this winter, there is no more guessing or cheating when you train with power. As a coach I can provide precise workouts for my athletes, and a power meter allows us both to know whether or not the training goals were accomplished. And because this feedback is immediate, knowing the power that you're producing (or should be producing) is a great source of motivation.

You don't just spin the pedals wondering if you're making any progress. You concentrate on your effort, target your wattage goals, and finish a ride with great satisfaction over a job well done.

But a power meter alone won't make you a faster cyclist. You still need to get on the bike for a specific workout to experience the feedback and motivation the power meter can provide. And you still need a structured training program which a power meter helps you complete with maximal gains. Without training objectives or implementing the feedback your PowerTap provides, your expensive power meter will just act as a fancy bike computer. But when you combine a sound training approach with a precise tool like PowerTap, huge performance improvements will follow. If you are looking to be a faster cyclist or you just need some extra motivation in your training, I highly recommend the PowerTap power meter as your new training partner.

CTS Coach Kirk Nordgren
Kirk is a Pro level coach for Carmichael Training Systems and runs the CTS Regional Training Center in Santa Ynez, California. Kirk combines his formal education, a B.S. in Exercise Science and a M.S. in Biomechanics, with 10 years of full-time coaching, and personal experience as an endurance athlete to provide his athletes with the guidance and motivation to reach their performance goals.

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