Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on PowerTap & Recovery

Coach Conversations: Matt Dixon on PowerTap & Recovery

Your PowerTap provides you with some wonderful objective data and information that can be a wonderful tool in your training life. You cannot get any more objective than a measurement of the work you are doing, or have completed. Your training story begins when you utilize a cycling powermeter in your training and performance journey. As athletes and coaches, we must be able to integrate this objective data with the subjective craziness of life and training stressors, to build an ongoing picture of an athlete's fatigue status and how an athlete responds to prescribed training.

In this video, I discuss the PowerTap and how it can, and should be, integrated into your training life, in addition to how to use it to help you make decisions on when to push on through fatigue or when it might be best to back off and save your hard work for another day.

Matt Dixon is one of the leading endurance coaches in the world. He brings a unique background of professional coaching experience, elite athletics and education to lead the purplepatch team. He is a highly sought-after resource in the endurance community, writing and contributing to multiple publications such as Triathlete Magazine, Lava Magazine, Outside Magazine and Triathlete Europe.

His Master's degree in clinical and exercise physiology, as well as his experience as an elite swimmer and professional triathlete, form the backbone of his coaching philosophy, but it is his incredible ability to lead, educate and develop all levels of athletes to their potential with his excellent communication style that makes him such a sought after resource. You can follow him on the purplepatch blog, Facebook or Twitter @purplepatch.

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