Join Cognoscenti Tours in Boulder

Join Cognoscenti Tours in Boulder

Train on a set of P1 Pedal cycling power meters.

You're invited to Boulder, Colorado, for a week of unbeatable riding, first-class cuisine, and unbeatable accommodation with Cognoscenti Tours. We'll have a pair of PowerTap P1 power meter pedals waiting for you, with experts on hand so you can get the most out of your week of high-altitude riding.

When the best pro racers in the world need an extra bump in fitness, they go to altitude and add power. Some head to Tenerife, where the only hotel high enough to provide benefit is a mid-century affair without functional internet. But the clever pros look further west, to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They know that Boulder, Colorado, has everything they need.

Just as the pros do, we prefer to combine power-driven altitude training with world-class accommodation and cuisine. We want you to enjoy your time off the bike as much as the time on it.

With Cognoscenti and PowerTap, you'll test yourself on the most iconic climbs, and toughest routes, anywhere in North America. Every individual pedal stroke will be captured by a set of the new P1 cycling power meter.

The roads high above town, where the air is thin, crisp, and cool and the roads are quiet except for the sound of breathing and the faint whir of rubber on asphalt, are a cyclist's playground. This could be the Alps, or the Pyrenees; it feels European, in a way, as front wheels flick back and forth, switchback after switchback. But it's not. The Rocky Mountains are more rugged, more wild and just as breathtaking.

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Riding on roads high above town in Colorado

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