PowerTap Conversations: Ed Watson, Engineer

PowerTap Conversations: Ed Watson, Engineer

We sat down with chief electrical engineer, Ed Watson, to learn more about his important role here at PowerTap.

Have You Met Ed?

Fun fact: Ed played a big part in creating the first wireless PowerTap hub.

The Emergence of ANT+

"Each frequency has its advantage, and we stumbled upon, luckily, the ANT+ technology in its infancy."

PowerTap and the Growth of ANT+

Ed participated in the working groups during ANT+'s beginning. Our history with ANT+ development can actually be seen in our older hubs.

ANT+ vs Bluetooth Smart

With ANT+, it's all about listening while Bluetooth is more about advertising. Ed explains this more in depth.

So Who Wins? ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.

With the dual integration, you no longer need to choose between ANT+ or Bluetooth. Which means it's a win-win for customers and our team of engineers.

What is the Best Way to Measure Power?

Ed discusses the differences between the hub, C1 chainring and P1 pedal.

Is the Cycling Power Meter Considered "Cutting Edge"?

Reflecting on the rapid and significant change of technology, Ed touches on how these innovations impact the development of power meters.

Positioned for the Future

As the first cycling power meter company to offer data collection in more than one location on the bike, Ed discusses what this means for development moving forward.

Why Choose the C1 Chainring?

For Ed, it's all about simplicity.

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