Raleigh Bets on Power in 2015

Raleigh Bets on Power in 2015

This year the bike manufacturer released three new bikes that come fully stocked with a PowerTap G3 hub and a Joule GPS out of the box: the Capri Carbon 3, Revenio Carbon 4 and the Militis 3.

Our G3 hub comes stock with Raleigh's Carbon Revenio 4.

We called them up to learn more about their decision to build powermeters into three of their most popular performance bikes.

"It's kind of simple," said Dirk Sorenson, Director of Marketing of Lifestyle Brands at Accell Group, the parent company of Raleigh. "With performance bikes we see a lot of people wanting to gain more information from their rides. They want to know their power output, track rides on Strava, download their information and analyze it. We didn't see anyone providing a good option for that."

Brian Fornes, who signs his emails "Raleigh Marketing Guy," chimed in to say that the Revino and Capri models are their high volume performance bikes. Customers really respond to the design and style, and many see the appeal in an endurance model as they take on training for their first longer distance ride. To top that off, these customers have heard about how valuable PowerTap and training with power can be – but it's a daunting task.

So why did they chose PowerTap? Dirk's answer was short and sweet: "PowerTap is the category leaders, the best in the business."

Raleigh took it upon themselves to "cut out the chase" of selecting a power meter by creating an off-the-floor-ready bike that has everything a cyclist would need to ride with power. After all, if a rider knows that they're going to have to 1) buy a bike, 2) buy a Joule GPS, and 3) buy a PowerTap, then why not make a bike with all the components ready to go? To Raleigh, offering a bike ready to roll off the showroom floor eliminated the confusion and allowed people to focus on the technology. Plus, with PowerTap's tested, trusted, true history, Raleigh knew their riders would be in good hands.

The Capri Carbon 3 pictured above with a PowerTap Joule GPS.

And for you gear junkies out there curious about the quality of wheel that'll be holding our 28-hole, G3 hub, Raleigh assured us that our hub-based power meters will be in handbuilt wheels. They selected sturdy Weinmann Momentum SL's that feature a 23mm width, perfect for wider tires and a smoother ride.

"I'm a bit surprised that this hasn't been done before by a major manufacturer," Dirk said. "It seems intuitive. We're in a culture where people really appreciate Strava, measurement and sharing their rides socially with their friends."

We couldn't agree more.

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