4-1-1 on PowerTap Hub Service

4-1-1 on PowerTap Hub Service

From conception to design to build, all of our cycling power meters can trace their life-cycle back to our facility here in Madison, Wisconsin. That's why it you can find our hub service center in the middle of it all.

Just like our Wisconsin-based support team, the techs working in the PowerTap service center are local, knowledgeable cyclists who dedicate their day making sure that your hub-based power meter is in race condition by providing three main services.

1. Complete Overhaul

From bearing service to a new freehub body to calibration to new G3 internals, your hub-based power meter will come back as good as new. This service is available for both road and mountain bike hubs and costs $350.

2. Bearing Overhaul

Keep your hub running smoothly for seasons to come. Elect this service to give your hub bearings a little TLC and recalibrate the hub to ensure trusted power accuracy, all for $150 (road and mountain options available).

3. Recalibration

Ensure your power meter is broadcasting accurate power numbers with our factory recalibration service. Ideal for pre-season or pre-race checks, our techs will get your hub up and running with the latest firmware and keep your hub operating within our standards ($100).

Ready to service your PowerTap hub?

  1. Select the Type of Service
  2. Add the Service to Your Cart to Order
  3. Follow the Service Instructions
  4. Mail Your PowerTap to Us
  5. We'll Do Our Best to Get Your Hub Serviced within 3 Business Days
  • Pro Tip: We'll match your shipping choice when we return your power meter. So if you send your hub to us with 2-day shipping, we'll return your power meter with 2-day.

Live outside of the USA? Check out our international service centers. If you do not have a service center in your country, please contact us for assistance.

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