PowerTap Announces New Updates to Offset Values

PowerTap Announces New Updates to Offset Values

A lot has changed at PowerTap in the last 12 months as we continue our pursuit to make things better and easier for our customers. In an effort to simplify across the entire power portfolio, consisting of three completely different cycling power meter platforms and two wireless communications protocols, we have made some updates. 

These changes begin today with the ANT+ firmware revision (version 16.063), in which all of our power meters will share the same unit of measure and use zero (0) as the starting point for offset ranges going forward. The new unit of measure we will be using across all platforms is Newton meters (N m). This is true of both ANT+ and Bluetooth (BLE) communication protocols. The only difference is that for BLE it is N m/10.

For example: You have an ANT+ power meter that is displaying an offset value of 10. This same offset value would be displayed for a BLE power meter as 1.0.

What is offset?

Offset is a value that is applied to essentially re-zero a power meter when there is no load being applied to it. Performing a manual zero is much like using the tare function on a scale whereby you reset the zero point. This helps account for variances due to changes in environmental conditions and is a good idea to do prior to each ride.

As we continue to improve and evolve our product line, changes like these can be inevitable. Modifying how we display offset is a departure from the practice we've had in place for over the past 17 years. While this change will likely come with a short period of adjustment, we are excited to get all of our cycling power meters and our customers on the same page.

In addition to the new offset changes we have added offset limits to our G3 and GS hubs and C1 chainring firmware to notify customers when their products are operating outside the acceptable range of offset. When a returned offset value falls outside the normal offset range a unit will display 'Failed', alerting the customer that their power meter product is in need of service.

Platform and Firmware Versions with New Offset Changes

PowerTap Hub Firmware
ANT+ only firmware version –16.063 or later
Dual ANT+/BLE firmware version – 28.036 or later

PowerTap C1 Firmware
Dual ANT+/BLE firmware version – 29.036 or later

PowerTap P1 Firmware
Dual ANT+/BLE firmware version – 30.024 or later

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