PowerTap Releases Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 Users

PowerTap Releases Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 Users

PowerTap, the Wisconsin-based cycling power meter manufacturer announced a new and improved PowerTap iOS Mobile App, featuring the much-anticipated Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 pedal users.

With dual-sided measurement, comes a host of new data. PowerTap's new Advanced Pedal Metrics hands over the key to Pandora's Box to unlock an entire world of pedal insights. Cyclists with a set of P1 pedals can measure parts of their pedal stroke that have never been measured before. Watch how to update firmware in the P1 pedals.

Constructed to emphasize how one pedals a bike, Advanced Pedal Metrics shines a spotlight on biomechanics as it relates to how a cyclist moves their bike cranks and propel themselves down the road. In addition to gaining pedaling efficiency users will also get instant feedback on how position or equipment changes may affect how they pedal their bicycle. Pedaling insights will be shown in a force vector display, a heat map and polar plot. Dive into the data by learning about these different displays.

The Advanced Pedal Metrics are part of the new PowerTap Mobile iOS app, now sporting a completely new user interface. The newly redesigned PowerTap Mobile App also features a multitude of new visuals and functions aimed at helping cyclists get the data where they want PowerTap Mobile is a free application that can be downloaded to iOS devices from the Apple AppStore.

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