Live Advanced Pedal Metrics Available in Rouvy

With the release of the Advanced Pedal Metrics (APM), athletes training with the PowerTap P1 pedal power meters unlocked unprecedented access to pedaling data. Suddenly insights into pedaling efficiency became exclusively available via PowerTap Mobile as displayed by Force Vector, Heat Map or Polar Plot displays. That is until now.

Rouvy, formerly VirtualTraining, now features even more Advanced Pedal Metrics. Adding to the post-ride playback available to PowerTap Mobile users, Rouvy now offers during-ride analytics. That means those training with P1 pedals will be able to see their APM - live, as it’s happening - while they ascend the snow-capped mountains of Alpe d’Huez, or any other Rouvy route.

Screenshot from Rouvy

In addition to mid-ride pedal data, Rouvy also boasts enhanced playback of data post-ride. Through their APM analytics dashboard, dubbed Rouvy Virtues, riders will have the ability to see the whole picture of their training session – all in one view. Plus, athletes will be able to drill down to see data for a specific section of the route. Simply highlight the part of the route to see second-by-second pedal balance alongside other key data such as watts, HR, and more.

Screenshot from Rouvy

At the moment, Rouvy is the only virtual training platform displaying synchronized APM alongside other data both during and after the ride. Such access to such granular data, everyone from coaches to athletes to bike fitters can prescribe decisive action for further improvement.

Screenshot from Rouvy

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