The Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor Joins the PowerTap Family

The Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor Joins the PowerTap Family

Madison-based cycling power meter manufacturer, PowerTap, recently introduced the Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor to the masses.

This dual-band sensor is named for its central feature: the absence of a magnet. Leaving archaic data collection behind, the Magnetless Speed or Cadence sensor taps into the advances of in accelerometer technologies to acquire ride data.

Freeing itself from the constrains of a corresponding magnet, this sensor can be placed in three different locations on the bike: the non-drive crank arm (cadence), the rear hub or the front hub (speed). Its low profile design eliminates clearance concerns, and can easily be programmed for either speed or cadence. Plus, it’s the perfect training tool to measure data indoors with your favorite virtual training application.

Want to change from speed to cadence or vice versa? This sensor can do that too.

Take a look at the video below to see what's in the box, how to program - or change - the sensor for speed or cadence, along with how to install it on your bike.

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Simple. Accurate. Easy.

This has been the easiest bike computer setup I’ve experienced. I’ve worked in and out of the industry for over a decade. Seriously. It’s simple. If you’re looking to get more data out of your existing system, slap it on your crank arm, spin it to wake it up, and sync it with your app via Bluetooth.

Straight outta the zoo
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Excellent way to add data to your ride!

I use the PowerTap P1 pedals to capture power and cadence, but did not have a way to measure speed/distance inside on the trainer and rollers. Now I’m able to seamlessly integrate my data into online virtual rides like Zwift.

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Great for indoor use.

I had given up on my last speed sensor after having issues with the magnet, but this is magnet-free and much easier to use. I am happy to have estimates of speed and distance when riding indoors again, especially with a sensor that I can easily swap between bikes.

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