Why It's Time to Upgrade Your PowerTap Gen 2 Hub

Why It's Time to Upgrade Your PowerTap Gen 2 Hub

The PowerTap power meter was born in the mid-1990’s from an idea that a couple engineers from MIT had after seeing the SRM power meter. Fast forward almost 20 years and the PowerTap hub is still one of the best cycling power meters in the game. Although the fundamental concept of measuring torque and angular velocity at the hub hasn’t changed, technology has definitely advanced.

The PowerTap hub has gone from a wired, heavy, bulky hub to a sleeker, lighter, wireless unit that is almost as good at being a hub as it is a power meter. These advances have changed the way people use power meters. Once thought of as solely a training tool because of the added weight, cycling power meters are now commonplace in races from Gran Fondo’s to Grand Tours.

Over the years we’ve heard from many customers still riding with their Generation 2 hub-based power meter. Riding with the wired PowerTap hub is often a badge of honor, an indication of an early adopter who put their faith in power of watts. However, as the years wear on and compatibility with head units and technology wanes, the need for an update may occur.

That’s why we’ve put together an overhaul service that will let Gen 2 PowerTap owners take advantage of technology advances in the field. With the G3 upgrade, the Gen 2 torque tube is replaced with the slimmer G3 version, all of the electronics, axle and bearings, freehub body and end caps.

The benefit of taking advantage of the upgrade, other than getting what is essentially a new hub (with the exception of the hub shell), is field-serviceable electronics with the removable PowerCap. The PowerCap features dual ANT+/BLE compatibility, allowing the use of either dedicated cycling displays or smart devices including Bluetooth enabled computers. In addition, there is an upgrade to the freehub making it 9, 10 or 11 speed compatible.

There are still thousands and thousands of Gen 2 PowerTap hubs on bikes across the world, and most are still working perfectly. However, the hub may be due for new bearings or a need compatibility for a contemporary 11 speed group set. For those out there with one of these hubs, take a hard look at the upgrade. The cost is $350, a fraction of the cost of a new G3 hub, and will last at least as long as it did the first time around.

To purchase the upgrade or for more information on the upgrade and to see what hubs are eligible visit the PowerTap Service.

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