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Version: 7.9.28

  • Compatible with Mac OS X (10.7 or newer) and Windows 7 or newer. Does not support Windows XP.
  • Before installing, ensure you have the newest version of Java on your computer.
  • Analyze important ride metrics like power zones, TSS and more.
  • Compatible with all PowerTap power measurement products.

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Get ready for your best year ever by analyzing peak power, time in heart rate or power zones, speed and distance averages, plus power-specific metrics such as TSS, IF, Normalized Power* and much, much more. The ability to look at each of these elements individually, as well as the relationship between them, will translate to smarter, more efficient training no matter what your goals.

Getting started with PowerAgent has never been easier. Simply download PowerAgent at no cost from our website, and you are just a couple clicks away from improving your performance forever. Plus, you can import ride history from previous versions of PowerAgent and other software (.tcx files) to watch your strength grow over time for better results.

*[TSS, IF and Normalized Power are registered trademarks of Peaksware, LLC.]

  • Compatible with PowerTap G3 hubs (Windows or Mac), PowerCal and the Joule
  • Upload rides to MapMyRide.com, RideWithGPS.com, Strava,Selfloops, Twitter, 2Peak.com and Web4Trainer.com
  • Import and export .tcx and .FIT files from all Garmin devices with ANT+ Sport power capability
  • Import and export .gpx and TrainingPeaks .pwx files
  • Compatible with Mac OS X (10.7 or newer) and Windows 7 or newer
  • Download data from any PowerTap computer (Cervo, Joule, Joule GPS or Joule GPS+), CycleOps Indoor Cycle, or CycleOps PowerBeam Pro trainer
  • Create your own intervals and detailed interval analysis
  • Analyze rides for Peak Power, heart rate, cadence and speed
  • Update firmware for all PowerTap computers and Gen3 hubs (note that the Joule GPS+ can only be updated by the PowerTap Mobile iOS app)


Version 7.9.28
Note: Please be sure that you have the latest Java update on your computer.


PowerAgent FAQs

Q: PowerAgent mentioned I need Java for it to work on my computer. Where do I get Java?
A: Go to java.com to download or update your Java.

There is no warranty for PowerAgent. For assistance with the software, please contact us.

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