PowerTap P1 Pedals

  • Dual-sided measurement.
  • Most advanced cycling power meter ever developed.
  • Easily swap between bikes for a vast range of compatibility.
  • Measures left power, right power and more.

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SKU: 30500

Bluetooth Smart


These aren't ordinary pedals. The P1 pedal is a simple, intelligent and uncompromising design that provides the same proven PowerTap accuracy and reliability. The simple one-piece design easily mounts to any crank and does not require calibration nor installation angle setting, providing a true “plug-and-play” experience. The P1 also features dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART for compatibility with a multitude of head units and smart devices. Plus, the independent measurement opens the possibility for a new set of pedaling metrics previously unavailable to help give you the ultimate competitive edge.

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  • Weight: 398 grams per pair of pedals (without batteries)
  • Thread Type: 9/16"
  • Cleat Interface: 3 bolt
  • Cleat: PowerTap Cleats, available in 6 degree or 0 degree float
  • Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer
  • Proven PowerTap accuracy
  • Release Tension: 6-20 Nm
  • Stack Height: 14mm
  • Center of Pedal: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 25.5 degrees (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the air
  • Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
  • Battery: AAA Lithium (alkaline and/or rechargeable alkaline batteries not recommended for extended use)
  • Battery Life: 60 hours
  • No weight limit

PowerTap 2 Year Warranty

We're proud to offer a 2 year warranty worldwide on all of our PowerTap branded power meters.

2 year warranty worldwide

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  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    After 12 months of regular use the right side pedal does not spin freely and from time to time there are noises coming from the pedals. At times it is almost hard to even turn the pedal. It feels like there is a problem with a bearing inside the pedal. Not good for 1k pds product and after just 12 months!

    Any advice on what to do? Can I somehow self service the pedal? Will it get worse if I continue to use it? Could the bearing suddenly seize if I continue to use it?? - this would not be good mid race!

    I am reluctant to send it back to PowerTap in early May given it is the start of the racing season - i really don't want to be without a working power meter for several weeks.

    what to do?
    Asked on 5/10/2017 by chris

    2 answers

    • A:

      Had the same problem and sent them back, the turnaround was like 1 week. Mine only lasted to 4 months before I had the problem. Hopefully I don’t have the same problem again in another 4 months.

      Answered on 5/10/2017 by sullivanmedia from undisclosed
    • A:

      The pedal is not designed for self repair as the stress gauges are around the central axel. Call power tap service, explain your problem and concern. Their customer service is too notch. Also, they will want to know riding conditions and such to make sure there is not a problem with seal designs. I would imagine a swift turn around on the pedals. They take warranty seriously!
      Chris Madison
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 5/10/2017 by rcmlaw from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    The marketing material for these pedals says they are compatible with look cleats, but you also say to use powertap cleats. Which is the case - given the reviews suggest your own branded cleats are terrible and are cracking, it seems fair to clearly advise whether non powertap cleats can be used.
    Asked on 4/3/2017 by rizaway

    6 answers

    • A:

      DON'T do it, I use look cleats, hopped on a friends bike because he wanted to mess with people on strava by having a max power double his usual, I stood up to sprint and came right out of the pedal, almost crashed. Clipped in fine, felt fine until I almost crashed

      Answered on 4/30/2017 by Adam from Virginia
    • A:

      Have my PT cleats on hard training since beginning of last winter, see no
      issues at all.

      Answered on 4/5/2017 by vacmitun from undisclosed
    • A:

      I use the regular look cleats and have had no problems.

      Answered on 4/3/2017 by mmddgray from undisclosed
    • A:

      You can use your own cleats.

      Answered on 4/3/2017 by carolpinheiro from undisclosed
    • A:

      The PT and Look cleats are very similar, but not exact. I've heard many
      people use look cleats if they have Look pedals on other bikes, but for me
      I use the PT cleats and just switch my P1s across bikes as they are
      incredibly easy to change.

      Answered on 4/3/2017 by jeremy.behler from undisclosed
    • A:

      Use the cleats from PowerTap. Its more of a safety issue in my book. You may be able to click in but whether or not they will stay...well that is not worth risking your life on a decent. The PowerTap cleats work great...mine are a year old and still fine and I ride 3-4 days a week. If you do a lot of rest stops or walking around in them...you will wear them down quicker than other brands which is maybe a negative but who likes walking around on pavement a lot in bike shoes????

      Answered on 4/3/2017 by cobragolf79 from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    Hi there,
    Using Powertap P1 (single side) pedals with a Polar v650 head unit.
    The power readings are very high. For an 85kg rider, an aerobic ride may average over 400w, which is far too high for the age and level of experience.
    Have you had similar findings? Are the pedals confirmed to be compatible with the Polar devices?
    Many thanks
    Asked on 3/23/2017 by Rob from New Zealand

    3 answers

    • A:

      I am using a Garmin with the dual sided pedals. Are you calibrating? If that doesn't help try using a friend's computer, if it still reads high I would get a RA from powertap, I'm sure they will help.
      Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

      Answered on 3/24/2017 by kurtkovacks from undisclosed
    • A:

      Are you calibrating the pedals before you ride? It's a good idea to calibrate prior to each ride. Temperature can affect readings, for example: going from 70 degrees inside to 90 outside and riding right away ( or any other large temp discrepancy ). While the pedals do auto zero it's not the same as calibrating once the temp is different prior to riding. You can also check normalized power, chances are it may be lower than actual reading which is also a sign of not calibrating at times (not always).
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 3/23/2017 by info from undisclosed
    • A:

      I use dual pedals. The readings are very close to my SRM on my other bike.
      I agree, 400W average is pro level. Have you tried calibrating?
      I use mine with Garmin computer. No info on Polar.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 3/23/2017 by benreiter from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    Hello, I have a bike with SRAM Red eTap. Is the assumption will not cause any trouble between eTap and P1? Thank you.
    Asked on 2/22/2017 by xmarcinek

    8 answers

    • A:

      I have used the P1 and eTap for a few months now and there are no issues. They both have worked seamlessly.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by rubicanto from undisclosed
    • A:

      I run both for over 6 months and have had no problems.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by robdanmor from undisclosed
    • A:

      No problem, the P1 pedals use either Bluetooth or Ant+, eTap uses a different comm protocol developed by Sram.
      Art Pacione

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by artpacione from undisclosed
    • A:

      There shouldn't be any problem
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by steven from undisclosed
    • A:

      My bike is like yours(e-tap SRAM red) and i don't heve any problem.
      Via Android

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by brunotempesta1974 from undisclosed
    • A:

      I use the P1 pedals with SRAM Red eTap and have had no problems.
      Sent from my iPad

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by arthewig24 from undisclosed
    • A:

      There will be no issues at all. It will work fine.

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by joecrawford from undisclosed
    • A:

      No problem at all. All good
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by ryan.linden from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    Hey there. Does the power data recording (avg.power, np power) depends on head unit (garmin, polar, etc) or application used (wahoo fintess, trainer road). Also another question how the applications like Wahoo Fitness or Trainer Road would know the "crack length" setting in order to capture data correctly?
    The reason I am asking it seeem the power data is a bit different when I am using Garmnin Fenix 3 vs Wahoo Fitness Apps.

    Thank you,
    Asked on 2/22/2017 by Max from Doha, Qatar

    3 answers

    • A:

      The PowerTap assumes a 172.5 mm crank length unless otherwise indicated by you on the head unit. If it's not the same on each head unit it could be different. Also if you go from using a trainer inside to riding your bike outside; the temperature differences will give you different power readings unless you manual zero it on the head unit every time

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by vwhit867 from undisclosed
    • A:

      Lots going on there and not particularly sure what you set up is - if you would provide more information - that would be great.
      The short answer is - yes - the power recording and reporting does depend on the head unit and the application.
      What are you seeing as the power differential? Are you ‘calibrating’ (zero offsetting) before rides?
      Have you updated firmware across all of your platforms & products?
      Some great information here about other people’s experiences and how they have solved similar issues:
      https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/08/powertap-p1-pedals-review.html <https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/08/powertap-p1-pedals-review.html>
      I haven’t had a need to try it yet - but you can use the Powertap Mobile App to set the crank arm length as well (Chapter 4):
      Let me know if any of that helps!

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by richard from undisclosed
    • A:

      I have not yet used my Garmin 800 head. So far, I've only used iPad with
      Trainer Road software.
      The crank arm length setting is important and described in page 5 of 9
      within the PowerTap pdf user manual. Yes, that was tricky to find. I have
      found it both within the PowerTap iPhone app and within the iPad Trainer
      Road software by double tapping the PowerTap sensor label within each of
      those utilities.

      Answered on 2/22/2017 by dangauthierpe from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals



    will the PowerTap P1 work with my Suunto Spartan Sport?
    I want to have a power meter connected to my new Suunto watch.

    Asked on 2/21/2017 by Gil from Israel

    1 answer

    • A:

      Hi there!
      While I have not used the Suunto, the P1 pedals hook up beautifully using
      Bluetooth Smart (BLE) protocol.
      I think your Suunto will read them perfectly.

      Answered on 2/21/2017 by crmcgovern from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    My right battery is going flat when not in use, as if the pedal doesn't 'power off' after my session. Next day there's very little juice or 2 days later none at all. Any suggestions? I've tried cleaning the battery compartment with a dry cloth. They haven't been used in a while, but stored dry.
    Asked on 2/14/2017 by markone from Cambridge UK

    1 answer

    • A:

      Does the small light on the pedal go off when the pedal is not in use?
       I've had my pedals since October, 2016, and have just worn out my first
      set of batteries.  I do train consistently, and have at least 50-60
      hours on a set of batteries.  

      Answered on 2/15/2017 by pjriccio from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    I am having problems with zero offsetting my pedals.
    It just stays at "calibrating". It does not show "calibration successful".
    Asked on 2/2/2017 by Freddy

    2 answers

    • A:

      As per Dcrainmaker.com;
      In any case, from a usage standpoint things here are pretty simple in that
      there's nothing for you to do other than jump onboard and ride. You can
      perform a zero offset, though there's no specific need to as it'll auto-zero
      when not pedaling (roughly similar in concept to how PowerTap's hub works).

      Answered on 2/3/2017 by mmddgray from undisclosed
    • A:

      blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I had this happen to me and it required me to update the software on my Edge 810.
      Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

      Answered on 2/3/2017 by scott from undisclosed
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    Is there any LOW BATT notification on the head unit (Elemnt)? What about a notification on pedals itself? On my Elemnt, only can check status but not % level.
    Asked on 1/31/2017 by Isaac

    3 answers

    • A:

      PowerTap has a IOS iPhone app that you can use to communicate with your P1 pedals to see the battery level of each pedal and to update the firmware version
      Art Pacione

      Answered on 2/2/2017 by artpacione from undisclosed
    • A:

      I believe my Garmin 910XT shows a low battery warning, but not a % level.

      Answered on 1/31/2017 by peter.hubbel from undisclosed
    • A:

      No, this model does not have low battery notification.

      Answered on 1/31/2017 by Community Answer from None
  • PowerTap P1 Pedals


    Will these pedals work with the Wahoo Element GPS Cycling Computer?
    Asked on 1/23/2017 by Jonathan from Michigan

    6 answers

    • A:

      I'm not sure. I jut bought a Wahoo Kickr and I'm just now setting it up.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 1/24/2017 by mtsimony from undisclosed
    • A:

      Should work there Bluetooth compatible
      Good luck
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 1/23/2017 by steven from undisclosed
    • A:

      If it is ANT+ compatible then yes it will!
      Blake Becker
      Professional Triathlete
      USAT LII Endurance Coach
      Owner & Head Coach of Team BBMC
      W: www.teambbmc.com

      Answered on 1/23/2017 by blakebeck from undisclosed
    • A:

      Yes, they work just fine with the Elemnt

      Answered on 1/23/2017 by edoehrman from undisclosed
    • A:

      If the Wahoo Element Computer has ANT+, yes.
      Brian DeRose

      Answered on 1/23/2017 by gbderose from undisclosed
    • A:

      Yes, they work just fine with the Wahoo Elemnt.

      Answered on 1/23/2017 by darrell.anderson77 from undisclosed
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