PowerTap Service

Keep Your Cycling Power Meter in Race Condition

What is PowerTap Service?

From hubs to pedals to chainrings, our service center offerings will get your PowerTap power meter in tip-top shape. Based right here, in Madison, Wisconsin, our U.S. service center is in the same building where each of our power meters are designed, tested and manufactured.

Each bike power meter is assessed and cared for by our team of service techs who are bonafide bike nerds - so you know your power meter is in good hands.

Chainring Services

Whether it’s wear and tear from a hard season or a pre-season check, our service techs make sure your C1 chainring power meter is ready for your next ride.

  • Complete Chainring Overhaul
  • Chainring Diagnostic
  • Chainring Crash Replacement

$100 – $350

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Hub-Based Services

Keep your hub-based power meter running smooth for seasons to come with our three hub-specific service categories:

  • Complete Hub Overhaul
  • Hub Bearing Overhaul
  • Hub Recalibration

$100 – $350

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Power Pedal Services

From preventative care to crash replacement, our service center offerings aim to keep your pedal power meters in prime condition.

  • Complete Pedal Overhaul
  • Pedal Bearing Overhaul
  • Pedal Diagnostic
  • Pedal Crash Replacement

$150 – $300

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