PowerTap Firmware

Make sure you’re always on the best and most current firmware for your PowerTap cycling power meter.

Firmware History

P1/P1S Pedals

Current Firmware 30.029, released March 23, 2018

30.029, released March 23, 2018

  • Fixed issue with Garmin displays where the "Right Pedal Missing" message was shown if the left pedal woke up before the right pedal.

30.028, released July 17, 2017

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Changed the LED blink pattern for P1S pedals so it doesn't blink twice.
  • Fixed right pedal missing message for P1S pedals.

30.026, released April 21, 2016

  • When Autozero is set to off, the Installation Angle is no longer continuously calculated. This fixes the issue where power was inconsistent on very long climbs.
  • Fixes Autozero not being passed to the slave.
  • Fixed issue where cadence was zero when doing right-leg pedal drills.

30.024, released February 9, 2016

  • Added ANT+ Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness.
  • Balance is now sent as 50% when not pedaling.
  • Added pedal balance workaround for Garmin 520 (Firmware version 2.3).
  • Other minor internal fixes.

C1 Chainrings

Current Firmware 29.037, released July 6, 2016

29.037 (Current), released July 6, 2016

  • Improved power consumption in sleep mode.
  • Minor changes to improve service center calibration testing
  • Changed offset reported from inch•lbs to N•m.
  • Changed offset reported to reference zero N•m instead of 512.
  • Set manual zero limits to +/-3.0 N•m (+/- 30 via ANT+; N•m * 10). Manual zero will fail if calibration is outside of this range.
  • Improved manual zero to ensure the power meter performs within factory specifications.

29.033, released October 23, 2015

  • Fixed Bluetooth cycling power data that was reporting zero torque and cadence.
  • Fixed manual zero response after offset adjusted manual zero.

ANT+ PowerCap (G3/GS Hubs)

Current Firmware 16.063, released March 7, 2016

  • Change offset reported from inch/lbs to Nm.
  • Changed offset reported to reference zero Nm instead of 512.
  • Set manual zero limits to +/-3.0 Nm. Manual zero will fail if calibration is outside of range.
  • Improved manual zero to ensure the power meter performs within factory specifications.

BLE PowerCap (G3/GS Hubs)

Current Firmware 21.058, released March 19, 2014

  • Added a reset after sleep to resolve zero power/speed issue.
  • Modified the lower battery warning logic to reduce false positives.

Dual ANT+/BLE PowerCap (G3/GS Hubs)

Current Firmware 28.037, released July 6, 2016

28.037 (Current), released July 6, 2016

  • Improved power consumption in sleep mode.

28.036, released March 7, 2016

  • Minor changes to improve calibration testing.

Dual ANT+/BLE PowerCal

Current Firmware 34.01, released January 28, 2016

  • PowerCal configuration parameters are now retained after battery is replaced.
  • Fixed Bluetooth issue where the sensor would still say "worn" when you removed the strap.
  • Fixed minor ANT+ compatibility issues.

Obsolete Products

Joule GPS

Current Firmware 19.095, released June 25, 2015

Routing Enhancements:

  • Added the ability to convert a ride to a route or a workout. This is done within the Ride History.

  • You can now specify which direction you want to ride the selected route — forward or reverse.

  • Route pacing information can be altered. The Ride Partner's pace can now be changed, either by altering the average speed to complete the route or the total time to complete the route.

  • Improved the Ride Partner (Pacer) metric. The metric now not only displays the time and distance the Pacer is ahead or behind as compared to the rider's current position, but also displays the Escape/Closure Rate.

  • Added the ability to "reset" the Ride Partner (Pacer) during a ride. This lets you move the Pacer to your current location at any point during the ride. This option appears on the Ride menu when a route is active.

  • When following a route with Turn By Turn directions, the turn notices now dismiss sooner when exiting a turn. Also, PowerAgent now gives you the capability to hide the notices when on the map dashboard.

New data recording and Interval modes:

  • Added a new data "Prompt" recording mode, in addition to Speed and Heart Rate modes. When Prompt mode is used, the Joule GPS will show a popup when movement is detected and ask if you would like to start recording the ride. Press and hold the Minus button to pause the ride.

  • The action of the Interval button is now configurable to one of two modes: Lap Mode or Interval Mode. In "Lap Mode," the Interval button functions as it traditionally has: each press stops and saves the current interval and starts the next interval. The portion of the ride from the start to the first button press is Lap 0. In terms of the new "Interval Mode," the first press of the Interval button starts interval 1, The next press stops interval 1. Another press starts interval 2, the next press stops interval 2, and so on. When using Interval Mode the interval dashboard will display the intervals active and completed, rather than the time between intervals. This new configurable option is in the Record Control section of the Device Menu.

Indoor Cycles and PowerBeam trainers:

  • The Joule GPS can now pair to i300 and i400 Series indoor cycles. This includes the ability to "shift gears," on the i400, during an active slope workout or manual slope workout, similar to older Joule 3.0 console. Press the Plus/Minus buttons to increment/decrement target power, target slope, and gear choice. Plus/Minus applies to highlighted Metric when viewing Workout dashboard. Move the highlight between Target Slope and Gear choice by holding the "+" Plus button briefly.

Other Notes:

  • When using a scripted workout on an i400 series indoor cycle, you can only change the gear. You cannot change the target power, power range or slope for the current segment.
  • When entering/reentering a Manual Slope workout, the default slope is properly set to 1%, but the gear remains on the last gear used.
  • When using slope-based Workouts, the gear numbers are in reverse order from the Joule 3.0. The J3.0 uses 1 as the hardest gear and 22 as the easiest—on the Joule GPS, 1 is easiest, 22 is hardest.
  • Target values of the current workout segment now appear on the Workout segment popup window.
  • When a PowerBeam Pro is found, the Joule GPS will now ask if you'd like to go directly to the calibration screen.
  • Improved the PowerBeam Pro Manual Calibration screen.
  • Added a link to the PowerBeam Pro Calibration screen from the Sensor menu.

Misc enhancements/updates/fixes:

  • Clicking the Minus ("-") and INT buttons simultaneously temporarily turns on the backlight. Additional clicks rotate through the various brightness levels. Once the Joule GPS goes to sleep, the backlight settings will return to what was been configured in the Device->Display menu.
  • Smart Backlight now turns the backlight on 15 minutes before sunset and off 15 minutes after sunset.
  • UI improvements for Devices->Altitude
  • Increased font size in the 3 window dashboard display.
  • "Activate After Pair" is now the default action on the sensor screen. Once a sensor is paired it will automatically be activated.
  • The summary data of the oldest ride will now be saved, and not deleted, when the Device is full and the user chooses "Delete Old" from the Memory Full message notice.
  • The Joule Low Battery notices have been improved. Notices for "Joule Low Battery" will appear when approximately 30 minutes of power is remaining. Another notice will show at 15 minutes of power remaining. After that, the dashboard metrics will not be hidden by low battery notices. Instead, the Low Batt message will flash in the title bar until the unit runs out of power or is recharged.
  • The amount of Memory remaining for ride recording has been moved from the bottom to the top of the Memory section in the Device menu, for easier viewing.
  • The items associated with record control have been moved out of the Memory section and into their own section titled Record Control in the Device menu.
  • Forcing the device to sleep (via simultaneous hold of the Plus ("+") and INT buttons) now works when viewing the menu system.
  • The active bike is now automatically selected when entering the sensor menu.
  • The TSS limit has been changed from 500 to 5000.

Joule 1.0

Current Firmware 18.057, released May 13, 2013

  • The current bike is now stored in system settings so that it is retained if you change the battery or reset the unit.
  • Improved messaging when memory is almost full.
  • Fixed issue where if you erase more than one ride from PowerAgent, the device resets to the bootloader
  • Fixed issue where the Torque was off by a factor of 8.851
  • Fixed issue where if you select "Stop recording" when memory full, the device shuts off and will not stay on.
  • You can now adjust current power and cadence refresh rate based on a rolling average. This must be done through PowerAgent.
  • Fixed issue where pairing to a different HR sensor required Sleep/wake or AC reset
  • Improved the low battery threshold detection.
  • Fixed issue where the upper cadence value was always dashes
  • Fixed issue where the power would go to zero if the cadence sensor was lost
  • Fixed issue where the Watts/kg did not go to zero if power meter was lost
  • The cadence from a cadence meter is now used instead of the cadence from a hub based power meter.
  • The minimum altitude is now -1000 m.
  • Fixed issue where the Joule could sometimes pair to G3 hub but could not "find" it.
  • Changed the elevation averaging to improve the altitude gained/lost calculation.
  • Fixed issue where the Watts/kg was always zero
  • Fixed issue where the top metric on dashboard three changed to cadence if you pressed the AC button or updated the firmware.

Joule 2.0

Current Firmware 14.091, released November 30, 2012

Joule 3.0

Current Firmware 15.092, released January 2, 2013