Update Your Firmware via PowerTap Mobile

To check for/or perform over the air (OTA) firmware update follow the steps below.

Bluetooth must be turned "on" on your iOS device (iPhone, Touch, iPad). Follow the onscreen directions below.

  1. Login with your PowerTap Mobile username or choose Login Later and ride now.


  2. Open the Menu and choose Update Firmware.

    Update firmware

  3. Select the trainer showing "Update Available" that you would like to update.

    Updatatable sensors

  4. Select Update Firmware.

    Update firmware

  5. Sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

    Update in progress

** Please note that the Hammer and Magnus have sleep timers, so be sure that your trainer has not fallen asleep by giving it a spin and ensuring its blue indicator light is blinking prior to starting the update.

For further questions regarding the firmware update process please contact our Customer Support Team.

Watch the How-To Video for Updating P1 Pedal Firmware with PowerTap Mobile