PowerTap Firmware Update for Android

We're continually working to improve the experience that our customers have with our cycling power meters. That's why we're excited to share the news that over the air (OTA) updates can be performed from the Rouvy Android app.

Below are step-by-step instructions for how to update the firmware on your OTA-capable PowerTap product via Bluetooth using Rouvy installed on your Android Tablet or Mobile device.

  1. Before you begin, Bluetooth must be turned "on" on your Android tablet or mobile.

  2. Download and install Rouvy from the Google Play store.

  3. Open the Rouvy Application.

    Open the VirtualTraining Application

  4. Login to Rouvy.

    Don't have a login? Click Sign Up to create a free account.

    Login to VirtualTraining

  5. Open the Menu.

    Open the menu

  6. Tap Settings.


  7. Tap Virtual Bike.

    Virtual Bike

  8. Tap Select to choose your type of sensor.


  9. In this example, we are updating the Firmware on a P1 pedal, so we selected Power Meter.

    Power meter

  10. Rouvy will now begin searching for your device, ensure that it's on and transmitting now. This may require you to pedal the bike to ensure your sensor is awake.

    Device search

  11. Once your device is found it'll show up as connected.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the sensor has the Bluetooth icon next to it, not the ANT+ icon.

  12. Now tap the connected device to continue.

    Connected device

  13. This screen displays device information and will let you know if you have a firmware update available. If an update is available for your device tap Update Available.

    Update available

  14. You will see a list of all the changes the firmware update will apply. Tap Update Firmware to begin the update.

    Firmware update

  15. Sit back and let the magic happen. It's important that during the update that you not exit the Rouvy app or power off your tablet/mobile device.

    Firmware update

  16. Success!


  17. Once completed the detail screen will now show that the firmware is up to date.

    Detail screen

** Please note that the most devices have sleep timers, so be sure that your device has not fallen asleep by pedaling the bike to ensure its awake to starting the update.

For further questions regarding the firmware update process please contact our Customer Support Team.