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PowerTap is proud to support and sponsor athletes at all levels of cycling and triathlon disciplines.

Cyclists training with power

Professional Triathlete

PowerTap is proud to sponsor professional triathletes around the world who train and race with power to achieve their goals. By using our cycling power meters, these athletes are able to better analyze their training and use real-time results during competition to ensure they stay at the front come race day.

Helle Frederiksen
Photo by Jesper Grønnemark

Mauricio Mendez

Meredith Kessler

Lionel Sanders

Laura Siddall

Jessica Smith

Jesse Thomas

Heather Wurtele

Trevor Wurtele

Brand Advocates

We're teaming up with knowledgeable brand advocates to educate and inspire cyclists and triathletes to train more effectively with power.

Get acquainted with our 2018 Brand Advocates.